Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Free Easy to Crochet Basket Patterns with Red Heart Super Saver Stripes Yarn

Red Heart Striping Fun Crochet Baskets, S
Skill Level - Easy
Red Heart Striping Fun Crochet Baskets, S
Crochet baskets can be used for storing toys, craft items, household products, prized possessions, books and more! These fun baskets made in different sizes are easy to 
crochet and are made using Red Heart Super Saver Striping Yarn.   This yarn stripes itself so there are few ends to weave in.

Materials Needed

Susan Bates Crochet Hook Size K-10.5 
Choose the Size of Basket You want to Crochet
Large = 12" - 42" Circumference
Medium = 10"- 36"
Small - 8" - 30"

To Crochet the Basket it is made using 3 strands of yarn held together. This provides enough support for the basket to stand.  The bottom of the basket is round but the basket can be stored flat when not in use.

Once you are familiar with the pattern you can modify it by changing yarn colors, adding larger handles, making them in different sizes and more!

More Patterns

ANNIE'S SIGNATURE DESIGNS: Triad Baskets Crochet Pattern

Big Hook Basket Crochet Pattern

Holding 3 strands of yarn together, you will work this pretty design using Bernat Maker Home 

Stash Baskets Crochet Pattern

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