Free Crochet Iconic Granny Square Couch Afghan Pattern

Free Crochet Iconic Granny Square Couch Afghan Pattern

Iconic Granny Couch Afghan Free Crochet Pattern
We’ve all seen the beloved granny square couch afghan on that back of the sofa on many television shows. From Amy’s blanket on The Big Bang Theory to Roseanne show among others that display this colorful throw!
On the shows the granny is usually draped across the back of a sitcom sofa or at the foot of a bed
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Amy’s Blanket draped on the back of her couch on The Big Bang Theory
What’s the reason for this interesting design choice? The blanks provide great texture, color, and lots of character. In addition to the color, throwing a handmade blanket on a couch instantly gives a television set a much-needed homey vibe.
The Granny Square Afghan Pattern featured in this free pattern requires a variety of colors of yarn.  You can easily use your own colors or scrap yarn if you prefer. 
The pattern is considered easy to crochet. All 108 squares are crocheted separately and sewn together once completed to make the afghan. 
Recommended Yarn is Lion Brand DIY Yarn
Download the pattern for free by following this link or get the crochet kit to complete your project.  The download is towards the end of the page once you click this link.
Lion Brand DIY Yarn

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Free Crochet Iconic Granny Square couch afghan pattern


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