How to Get Organized with the Craft Tower Organizer

Let’s Get Organized with the 360 Craft Tower Rotating Organizer with 4 Shelves

Scrapbook 360 Craft Tower - Rotating Organizer - 4 Shelves - Clear
This is the perfect item for organizing your craft tools and saving space in your craft area! It’s easy to assemble and look great in any space!  
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Keep Your Craft Space Free of Clutter

Perfect for scrapbooking tools, painting, cardmaking, ink blending tools, crochet hooks or knitting items, scissors, brushes, sewing items and more!
It spins like a lazy Susan! Having it right next to your desk within arms reach right at your fingertips!
Great design, easy to put together and innovative in the way it uses rubber rings to hold it all together, The fact that you can customize the shelf heights is also a winner. It also rotates so everything is in easy reach. You can keep all your essential craft items that you use constantly organized in one place on your work are or desk. 
You may even want to purchase an additional one for your bathroom to organize your make-up and bath essentials!
Great for having on your tabletop, desk and shelving system!
Available in Clear or White

This customizable rotating organizer is the genius storage solution you’ve been waiting for. Great for using on your tabletop, desk, shelving system, or even tucked away in a closet until you need it! 


360 Craft Tower - Rotating Organizer - 4 Shelves - White


  • One bright white acrylic plastic 360 Craft Tower with rotating base plate and top rack
  • 4 wedge-shaped shelves
  • 16 silicone ring fasteners
  • Assembly instructions


  • Assembled organizer measures 13″ high with a 10″ diameter
  • Wedge-shaped shelves measure approximately 4.25″ x 6″
  • Shelf notches on the tower are roughly 1″ apart
  • Internal storage space from the base to the top rack without shelves is approximately 11″


  • Made of thick white acrylic plastic
  • Lazy susan base that spins around 360°
  • Repositionable shelves with customizable placement
  • 7 different shelf levels/positions to choose from in each section of the tower
  • Lipped shelves to secure contents
  • 3-tier top rack storage
  • Can hold a maximum of 14 shelves – additional shelves sold separately
  • Easy to disassemble and clean when needed – just remove silicone rings and lift off shelves, top rack, base plate, or center panels.

This clear craft storage tower is filled with endless combinations of shelf positions and will soon be filled with all your favorite small supplies and tools. Just think of all the bottles, jars, inks, markers, washi tapes, blending tools, and more that want to call this beautiful tower home!

Learn How to Assemble the Craft Tower

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Purchase the White Craft Tower

360º Craft Tower!

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