Here’s How to Crochet a Heirloom Granny Square Blanket

Beautiful Granny Square Heirloom Blanket to Crochet

Crochet Kit Granny Check Heirloom Blank

The granny square has been one of the beloved timeless crochet pieces that can be used to make afghans, coats, sweaters and more. We’ve seen it drape over the back of the couch in many television shows and movies. Now, you can easily make a beautiful Granny Check Heirloom Blanket by using this Crochet pattern kit.

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Crochet Kit Granny Check Heirloom Blanket

One of the main reasons to get a crochet kit to make your blanket is that it comes with everything you need to crochet your item. This includes the pattern and the yarn. You will need to supply your own crochet hook but most of the time this can be easy enough to obtain on Amazon or here on the site with the crochet kit.

Boye Jonah’s Hands Granny Square Accessories Beginners Crochet Kit for Kids and Adults, Makes 3 Projects, Multicolor 8 Piece

Craft along with Jonah and crochet a Granny square pattern to make 3 colorful projects, including a small pouch, a pencil pouch, and a purse.

This is a motif pattern that means you will have to join the granny squares together. If you are looking for a simple pattern take a look at this Easy Retro Granny Square Afghan Pattern that is free to download with Kindle Unlimited.

The basic granny square is easy to crochet. Sometimes the difficulty comes when you have to crochet in the corner of the granny square. You can check out some of the online classes and tutorials about granny square crochet here.

Crochet Pattern Kit

Granny Square Heirloom Blanket Crochet Pattern Kit

Crochet Kit – Granny Check Heirloom Blanket

Maximalism meets crochet with the Granny Check Heirloom Blanket. This throw blanket is all about adding more color and texture  in a complimentary way to any space. Traditional double crochet granny square motifs make for perfect year round use or displayed as décor.

More Crochet Kits and Projects

There are several crochet kits that allow you to choose your own yarn colors. In addition here are a few more crochet afghan patterns that you may want to try out if you don’t want to order the entire crochet kit.

Remember to order your yarn and the correct crochet hook for any project that you are making. Double check and read all patterns before starting the pattern to make sure that you understand the instructions.

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