Here’s How to Sew a Cat Checkerboard with Cat Checker Pieces

ePattern Cat Checkerboard Sewing Pattern

Download the Cat Checkerboard Game Sewing Pattern

Get creative with your patterns and sew this fun Checkerboard Games Sewing pattern that features cats and the checker game pieces. This pattern can create hours of fun playtime for anyone who loves games or checkers!

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It’s easy to make this pattern all you need is a little sewing skills and some blue or black and red fabric. Choose whatever color you want to sew the cats and the border of the checkerboard game. It make a fun gift or afternoon game to play!

Cat Checkerboard Game Sewing Pattern

Sewing pattern cat checkerboard pieces

Playing checkers will be purr-fectly fun with this patchwork checkerboard mat and stuffed cat game pieces. The mat is easy to strip-piece with contrasting fabrics and a pretty border print. The sitting kitties are sewn using two different prints. Metal washers are placed on the kitties when they are kinged. Number of Designs: 1 checkerboard mat with stuffed cat game pieces. Approximate Design Size: Checkerboard 18″ x 22; each cat 4″ tall.

You can easily download and start making the Cat Checkerboard Pattern right away here –>

ePattern Cat Checkerboard Game
ePattern Cat Checkerboard Game

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