The Impact that Writing in a Promptly Journal Has Made in My Life

How Writing in a Promptly Journal for Craft Projects and Writing Stories has Made an Impact on My Life

How Writing in a Promptly Journal for Craft Projects and Writing Stories has Made an Impact on My Life

Promptly Journals has helped me process my thoughts and become a better writer in a variety of ways. It has helped me easily express my creativity by writing in the right type of journal for my daily use. Writing has always been a part of my life but have a good quality journal like the ones I have from Promptly makes it even better! Like many other my creativity goes up and down depending on how ambitious I feel and how much time I have on any given day. A journal like the ones I have from Promptly Journals help me express my creative side.

When I received a couple of journals earlier this year from Promptly Journals, I decided this was the year to become a more active writer. For me this meant creating more craft projects for my blog and writing books for Amazon. This also meant taking more time out to write down ideas and get better acquainted with myself.

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Writing in my Promptly Journal

I enjoy the idea of writing in a blank journal. This is because I like a blank slate for my creativity and ideas.

But there are times that journals such as the Emotions Journal or Memory Journals would be a helpful prompt on my journaling adventure because they ask questions that help you dig deeper into your thoughts.

Promptly Journals - Childhood History - Grey Tweed
Promptly Journals – Childhood History – Grey Tweed

Why I Love Promptly Journals for Writing

Promptly Journals helps everyone of any age or stage of their lives write to bring healing, peace, clarity, and connection to our lives.  That’s why the journals range from blank journals to journals that help you record the memories that make you who you are, and the two-person journals so you can better connect with the ones you love most.

Siblings Journal for the Kids
Siblings Journal for the kids

One of the first journals that I received was the Loom Journal. The Loom Journal is a journal for siblings to share and write their stories in. Since I have 5 grandchildren that all live in the same house together, I decided to give it to the 2 brothers, ages 9 and 11 that share a room. They seemed excited to write in the journal but not as eager as their mom was. She thought that it was the perfect way to help them especially in their down time. That’s because it’s filled with journaling and drawing prompts to help kids build their relationship. In addition it also has great activities in each section for hours of entertainment.

The siblings journal form Promptly Journals was the perfect gift for the grandkids. Instead of giving them toys that they probably will play with a couple of times. I gave the gift of writing down their memories for the future. It’s something they may enjoy looking back on when they get older. Of Course, now the 2 sisters will need one when they get to that age because they share a room also and this will be on my gift list for Christmas.

Siblings Loom Journal
The Siblings Loom Journal for the Kids

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Where and Why I Write in My Journal

Bring your Journal Writing Outdoors with Promptly Journals
Learn How to Write Better and Get Creative with Promptly Journals

In the Summer I like to take my writing outdoors and enjoy writing on our swing. It helps with my creativity.

I have my favorite places I like to write in my journal. One of them is outside on our back porch swing. We plant a lot of flowers in our backyard garden and it’s a great place to sit and get inspiration from. Using a Promptly Journal makes it much easier because of the quality of their notebooks and journals. I can easily take this from indoors to outdoors because of how well they are made and travel well wherever I go.

I use my notebooks and journals to write everything from creating crochet patterns, writing story ideas for my blogs and books, grocery lists and brain dumps, to business plans and sketches – the Anything Notebook has got you covered. 

This makes a huge impact on my writing because I can easily carry the notebook from Promptly Journals in my bag on the go. It’s a durable book to write in. Their blank journals are also a great item to take with you on short trips or while waiting for an appointment.

Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Write in a Journal

Writing 5 minutes a day will help keep stress and anxiety away!

Those who journal feel more gratitude in their life!

Best of all it’s a lot less expensive than therapy!

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More Journals for Everyone to Write Their Story

The prompted journals are carefully designed to help you capture all of life’s most important moments. These types of journals will help you record your memories in an easy way and bring more peace and calm to your life.

A few of the journal types that are available through Promptly Journals, are Childhood History, Adoption Journal, Love Story, Gratitude Journal, Healing Journal, Travel Journal, and even blank journals for all your thoughts.

It’s a great way to create a connection or share your memories of a child, a trip, or even help someone reconnect with themselves by writing. Promptly Journals has made writing in a journal so much easier for me. So much so I like to keep my notebook or journal next to me when I am on the computer, watching television, or on the go. Just in case I get an idea or have to remember something I need to do I can write it down in my book.

Here are some of the journals that may interest you in your adventure in Journal writing or to give as a give to someone in your life.

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Promptly Journals - Postpartum + Childhood History Journal - Cloud Pink
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