Build Your Crochet Skills with New Ideas on the Granny Stitch Pattern

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The Granny Stitch is often used in crochet to make granny squares but there are so many different ways to use the granny stitch in order to create beautiful crochet projects. Whether you are making an afghan, a poncho, sweater, hat or a scarf the granny stitch can be used in many versatile ways.
One of the easiest ways to use the granny stitch is to crochet an square continuous afghan in one or several different yarn colors.  Below we will discuss different methods and ways to learn about the granny stitch and how you can make several different crochet projects using the granny stitch technique.


If you are unfamiliar, never crocheted a granny stitch, or want to learn new ways to use the granny stitch. An online class may be perfect for you. The class allows you to tackle the granny stitch  as you tackle crocheting a hooded vest. You also can build on your crochet skills and tackle increases and decreases. Even if you thought you knew everything about crochet this class will make you realize there is still a lot to learn. You can learn many tips and tricks in this class for your next crochet project plus you will be able to create a beautiful project once you get through the class. This is especially great for the person who has always had difficulty with this stitch or learning any crochet stitch in general.
Granny Squares: From Simple to Sensational!
Granny Squares From Simple to Sensational 
Granny squares are a perennial favorite of crocheters worldwide and with this class you can learn 15 unique designs that illustrate just how creative you can be with squares, hexagons and octagons. Not only will you learn tricks and tips for making the motifs but new techniques you can use in all of your crochet projects. 
Learn Seaming Techniques for Crochet

Download or Purchase a Book to Learn More about Crochet

The Big Book of Granny Squares to Crochet
A Good Crochet book or guide can be one of the best ways to learn to crochet a granny square and make several different patterns to use in many ways in your crochet projects. Plus you can go back to the book over and over again as you crochet and work on creating beautiful granny squares.
Crochet Granny Square Patterns

Easy to Crochet Granny Square Afghan
Crochet a Granny square afghan like this one we made using Bernat Pop Yarn .  The blanket was crocheted starting with a Magic Circle .  Crocheting three HDC in in round and 1 chain space in each corner.  The color used is Paisley Pop.

Crochet a Diamond Zigzag afghan pattern


You can also make ponchos, hats, scarves, purses and more using the granny stitch check out these free patterns …

Granny Square Vintage Sweater Jacket Crochet Pattern
Granny Square Vintage Sweater Jacket Crochet Pattern – $9.99

This vintage vibe jacket is made with the popular granny square stitch! The styling options are endless as well as the color options. Instructions are given for size medium but sizes L, XL, 2XL can be achieved simply by changing your hook size and matchin

101 Granny Squares
101 Granny Squares – $7.49

From simple to sophisticated, you are sure to find a Granny Square for every mood & project! While each of these Granny Squares is shown with size 4 worsted yarn, you can easily change to sport, baby or chunky yarns to make them bigger or smaller. There i



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