How to Use a Cordless Iron for Sewing and Quilting Projects


Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless Iron-Purple (NIWL600V)
A while ago I was able to review a cordless iron from Panasonic.  Unlike my mom and grandma who were your typical housewives that had an ironing day my iron mainly sat in my closet until I needed it for an event or craft project.
I really never gave it much thought until I started using a cordless iron and it made the world of difference especially when it came to using fabric for sewing, quilting and other craft projects.
Here are some of the Benefits of Using a Cordless Iron for your Sewing and Quilting Projects.
  • The cordless irons are natural, easy and convenient.  They heat up quickly and cool down fast for easy use.
  • Quickly get to those tight spots like collars and corners without rotating the iron or yourself. Speeds up larger jobs like making quilts, tablecloths or curtains. Iron in any direction with precision, ease and speed.
  • The irons have a natural movement in any direction making it easy for you to not have a cord getting in your way while ironing. This makes ironing much more quick and easy.
  • Auto Shut-Off Remembers to Turn Off the Iron When You Don’t
  • Easy touch system to select desired temperature.
  • Spray Mist wrinkles away easy and carefully
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