Retro Rugs Provides Popular Rug Patterns to Crochet for the Home

Leisure Arts Retro Rugs Book Crochet Patterns
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If you are looking for the perfect crochet rug pattern for you home you might want to check out the Retro Rugs Crochet Book from Leisure Arts.  The crocheted rugs in this book are some of the favorite patterns for you to crochet for your home.  When crocheting a rug you can either use a bulky weight yarn or 2 to 4 strands of yarn held together to make a thicker rug pattern.
Retro Rugs from Leisure Arts presents seven quick-to-crochet rugs with the look of popular designs from the past, refreshed with today’s wonderful yarns. Designs include Woven Rug and Basketweave Runner by Sarah J. Green, Clusters Runner and Floral Hexagon Rug by Anne Halliday, Oval Rug by Maggie Weldon, Patchwork Rug by Jennie Black, and Hexagons Rug by Carole Prior. All are for Easy skill level, using various weights of yarn; there are four rugs using super bulky weight, one using bulky weight, one using jumbo weight, and one using four strands of medium weight.

eBook Retro Rugs
eBook Retro Rugs
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