Free Crochet Pattern Easy to Crochet Messy Bun Beanie Using Caron Cakes Yarn

Drawstring Bun Hat (Crochet)
Crochet Caron Cakes Messy Bun Crochet PatternCaron Cakes Yarn, Spice Cake
The Number of Caron Cakes Yarn to complete this project is 1 Caron Cakes Yarn – Shown in color Spice Cake.
Nothing could be more popular right now than crocheting a messy bun hat and what a better way to do make it than with the ever so hot Caron Cakes Yarn. The pattern states that you need to get the use of the different colors in the yarn skein, pull the four center colors out and unravel. Cut where each color changes and roll yarn into individual balls. But I have made hats using the Caron Cakes Yarn and I like to leave the balls together and see how the colors turn out when crocheting a hat and like the way the colors blend together.
 Hat Crocheted Using Caron Cakes Gelato Yarn

There are many ways to crochet the messy bun hat. Some start out with crocheting the ponytail or the bun area first while others start at the brim and work their way up. It’s all a matter of preference and how you like to crochet.

This pattern also calls for using a Ponytail holder which can help your hair stay in place when wearing the hat.

Choose Your Color of Caron Cakes Yarn

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