Learn How to Sew Animal Puzzle Balls Sewing Pattern Instructions

Sew and Play Animal Puzzle Balls Sewing Pattern Preview
The Animal puzzle balls featuring in Annie’s Attic Sew & Play Puzzle Balls Animals are filled with a playtime of fun for kids of all ages!  There are 6 little pets with big personalities to make and play with for kids.   Make them with soft fleece fabric to make the animals durable for play. Each animal in this collection is artfully formed from rings that fit together like puzzle pieces, and the wedges and ridges make them easy for little hands to grasp. Designed by Abby Glassenberg, you can now stitch up a whole zoo of animals: an elephant, giraffe, dinosaur, bunny, bumblebee and lion. Each pattern has full instructions on how to make and create a delightful toy that will be cherished for many years to come!   The patterns are available in printed or PDF format to download as well as compatible with any e-reader you want to download them to. 

Animal Puzzle Balls Sewing pattern elephantAnimal Puzzle Balls Sewing Pattern DinosaurAnimal Puzzle Balls Sewing Pattern GiraffeAnimal Puzzle Balls Sewing Pattern BunnyAnimal Puzzle Balls Sewing Pattern BumblebeeAnimal Puzzle Balls Sewing Pattern LionAnimal Puzzle Balls Sewing pattern Lion sewing pattern toy


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