How to Plan the Garden of Your Dreams the Perfect Garden Spot

Gardening is a great way to relax and enjoy your yard.  For some of us gardening comes naturally and for others it a fun learning process of trial and error each year.  I can tell you from experience that I was never much of a gardener until I got married and discovered the world of gardening in our own small yard. I pretty much thought you just mowed your lawn and trimmed the bushes and trees to keep it looking nice.  Until I discovered how you can easily make your back or front yard your own slice of paradise no matter what the size of your yard is.  I pretty much thought you just mowed your lawn and trimmed the bushes and trees to keep it looking nice.                                      
    Garden Plants from a few years ago.
A little background on our yard.  We have a small lot but make use of it with a few small trees and planting areas for perennials and annuals.  We place plants in the backyard and in the front yard.  We plant along our fence area, mailbox, around trees and in other areas. We also place containers filled with flowers and plants on our cement patio space in our backyard as well as a planter box filled with flowers on the fence.  Now, you don’t have to do all of this to make your yard a peaceful getaway you can start with a few containers or pots and place them on your patio or other areas of the yard.
 A Container of Plants on our Patio
Steps to the Perfect Garden
1.  Plan your garden  – Walk around your yard and think about how you want to layout your garden.  Do you want low-maintenance plants or flowers and plants that attracts butterflies and bees?  Think about if you want to be able to change it around year after year and if you prefer perennials or annuals in certains spots.  Check to see which areas are shady or sunny that will also determine what type of plant you can place in the area.

 Visit your local Garden Center – Greenhouses and places that carry plants can typically help you when selecting plants for your yard.  There are also several landscape artists that can advise you on what and where to plant your flowers and plants.  Start out small with a few plants and planters to layout around the space you want to begin in and expand from there.
3.  Make Sure you have the correct tools for gardening – I cannot express how the important it is that you have a pair of garden gloves to use first and foremost.  My husband who is and long time gardener did not use gloves one year and had a small cut and got a terrible bacteria infection from the garden soil. Also, be sure to have the right garden shovels, proper top soil, garden trowel, planters and other items you will need to plant and fertilize your garden.
 A Wooden Potting Bench is Great Space for preparing and Potting Plants and flowers.
4.  Plant a simple garden filled with pretty containers filled with flowers or plants – If you have a small area or just want to fill your patio or or deck with colorful flowers or plants, placing them in colorful containers throughout the space will be sure to enhance the area. Plus you have one dedicated space that you will be able to water easier.  Choose your selection of Beautiful Spring and Summer Containers for your Garden to choose the right size and colors for your space. 
Varick Gallery Traverse Round Planter

Varick Gallery Traverse Round Planter

5.  Have the Proper watering system and soil for your plants – Using the right methods to water your garden plants and trees will make sure that they stay healthy.  The proper top soil and nutrients are also important when planting.  When using containers or pots be sure to use a good top soil or a potting soil for containers to get the right nutrients. If you are not good at watering you may want to look at getting your watering system on a water timer. 

6.  Take an Online Gardening ClassIf you are not sure where to begin online classes and tutorials can help you plan out your garden space as well as advise you on what types of plants to use for your climate and more.  You can learn from the experts on designing the perfect garden for your yard space. 

7.  Read a Good Book on GardeningIf you enjoy learning about hobbies and ideas by reading this is a great tool especially when it comes to specific plants and gardens.  There are books on everything from growing flowers, planting vegetable gardens, trees and shrubs and more.  Check out all of the garden books on Amazon to find what you are looking for. 
8.  Greenhouses to Start your Garden Early or Grow Year Round –  If you want to begin your planting early or even if you want to grow your own garden plants or vegetable year round a greenhouse is a great option for gardens.  There are small indoor greenhouses and greenhouses that will fit in your backyard or on your patio for beginning the planting season or just protecting your plants from the elements. 


Palram Hybrid 6 Ft. W x 4.5 Ft. D Polycarbonate Greenhouse
9.  Yard and Lawn Ornaments for Your GardenDecorating your yard with a few ornaments or fountains can enhance your plants and shrubs if done in a tasteful way and not overdone.  Statues and sculptures can be placed around plants or in the center of a flowers or a rose garden.  Water fountains can easily be displayed in the backyard or in a planting area or patio.   
10.  Garden and Patio FurnitureHaving the perfect garden means you need a space to relax and enjoy it in. Selecting the right type of outdoor furniture for relaxing or entertaining is important for any gardener. You need to make sure the furniture will fit on your deck or patio, is easy to maintain and that you can provide storage for it or be able to cover it up during the winter months.  Removing furniture cushions when it rains or making sure that it is in a covered area will prevent mold and mildew and allow the furniture to last a long time or at leases through a few summers.  Outdoor furniture can range from patio swings, to dining sets, pool furniture to lounge furniture there are several choices available. 


Beachcrest Home Tribeca 4 Piece Deep Seating Group with Cushions


ShelterLogic Straight Canopy
You may also want to add a pergola or other items to your backyard from fire pits to barbeque grills there is so much fun and to be had this summer in your own backyard garden!  Make sure to check out the outdoor storage to keep all of your garden supplies in!


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