How to Get Creative with Organizing Your Yarn, Fabric and Crafts

When it comes to storing my yarn and craft supplies I have a habit of just placing the yarn in baskets like the ones above, which is great for mobile projects. But when it comes to storing items I typically keep them in a closet or use storage cubes to place the items in which work well but I need a few ideas for smaller spaces and work spaces.
 Storage Cube Baskets work great for all sorts of crafts and storing small items and toys.   The first thing I wanted was a work area that I could use in a small space but still be able to store a few of my craft and work supplies in .  
The Foldaway Mobile Workcenter was perfect for a small space or room.   You can easily make it into a desk or fold it away to store it in a corner.  It is about 44 x 16 as a desk and it folds  Folded 29 1/2″H x 16″W,
 The Shoe Chest works well for yarn skein storage. You can hide it away in a closet or place it in your work area for easy access. 
  Document Boxes and Files are wonderful for holding patterns, small items, magazines and more.  Plus they can easily fit in corners, under beds and in closet spaces. 
 This Readers Stand makes a great tool for holding crafts and books while you work on them in your living room or bedroom.  Also ideal as a nightstand. The two-sided access makes sorting and selecting a cinch. Each compartment is nearly eight inches high.


Zipcode™ Design Decorative Storage Bin with Handles
One way to store your quilts or afghans is in a storage bin. Easily access them when you need them or use a bin like this to hold fabric or leftover yarn that you need to access. It’s easy to carry and made of sturdy materials so it won’t fall apart. 


Basics Wayfair Basics Under-the-Bed Storage Bag
Under the bed storage is one way to keep items out of sight but still have easy access to them while provide protection. Plastic totes can be bulky and take up a lot of space but these under the bed storage bed works well with all sorts of items including bedding, quilts, and crafts. Soft sides provide trim flexibility so the chest slides easily under beds (and because your things are safely encased, you might not have to vacuum first!). So rearrange the linen closet and use that enormous shelf under your bed—be savvy when you store.
Yarn Shelf Craft Organizer – Organize craft and yarn in one compact space. This one is reinforced so that it doesn’t cave in. 
Clear Storage Bins with Dividers are easy to use and get out when you need something such as fabric, thread or other craft supplies. 
Mobile rolling carts are helpful when working with craft you need to take into other spaces or just move out of the way.
Plus they have a surface area that you can work on top of with your projects.


Perfect Paper Stackable Lipless/Open Paper Trays 12x12 - 10 Pack
For the scrapbooker to hold paper


Deflecto - Rotating Organizer - White - for Ribbons, beads, thread and more!


Lynk Closet Tall Shelf Divider (Set of 4)


Honey Can Do 4 Tier Storage Shelf

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