Quick and Easy Ways to Crochet a Bathroom Rug

The fun thing about crocheting a rug for a bathroom is that you can choose colors to match or enhance your bathroom decor. Plus you can easily make a rug in any size or shape to fit large or small bathrooms. From round rugs to oval, square or rectangle rug come in all shapes and sizes.  
Here are a few tips and suggestion before starting your crochet bathroom rug project.
1. Decide on what colors and what shape of rug you want to crochet.
2. Choose a yarn that is machine washable and durable for the bathroom and that can be washed quickly.  A Crochet Cotton yarn is always a good choice when crocheting a bathroom rug. Rugs can also be made from fabric or plastic bags.
3.  Measure the space where you want to place the rug or use an existing rug as a template.
4. Choose a stitch that will be comfortable on your feet.  A simple half double crochet or a double crochet is always a good choice.
5.  Look for crochet patterns that you can modify from existing crochet rug patterns and turn them into bathroom rugs.
6.  Using 2 strands of yarn or a thick yarn make great bathroom rugs they are softer and will wear longer. 
7.  Adding a backing or non-stick surface on the back of the rug can be a great way to prevent your rug from slipping when walking on it or having it on a wet surface. 

When it comes to crocheting a bathroom rug finding the perfect style and colors for your bathroom is what matters most, along with safety and being able to clean the rug easily.  Neutral colors such as white or creams are always a good good to in a bathroom because they don’t fade but be careful because they will show the dirt more!
Learn how to crochet a bathroom rug patternEasy to crochet bathroom rug pattern
The above rug was crocheted using a Crochet cotton thread such as Lily Sugar and Cream Crochet Cotton.  Alternating colors for the stripes or the borders this is done in a basic single and half double crochet. 
A long runner rug is great in front of a sink or bathtub.  Just make sure that you put a rug backing on the back of the rug or use something in order that it doesn’t slip on you when you step on it.
Rug Shapes
Rugs can be made in all shapes and sizes although rectangle and square rugs seem to be the best for bathrooms. 
Try your hand at making waves, crocheting a daisy, making shag rug, adding felt to your design, making yarn from pot holder loops, embroidering on your crochet and many more techniques and exciting designs. This wonderful book includes 40 traditional, contemporary and innovative projects. Designs are made using worsted-, chunky- and super chunky-weight yarns.
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