How to Publish and Sell a Bookstore Quality Children’s Book





You can easily bring your pictures and illustrations to life by creating your own Children’s Book and selling it in bookstores or online. To begin make sure to get your story told by writing your book and telling a story children will love to read.  Take them on an adventure, teach them a life story, or share an experience.  Next, be sure to illustrate your children’s book with great drawings.  If you are more of a story teller and need assistance with the illustration portion of the book try hiring a children’s book illustrator through FIVERR  where you can easily find someone creative and talented to help you with your book cover, inside illustrations or even a website once the book is available for sale.

If you are unfamiliar with self-publishing and want to create a great quality bookstore book I would highly recommended using the BLURB publishing tools. These tools are easy to use, by simply using the free book layout software you can drop illustrations onto blank pages and use any fonts you want.

To save money on printing books you can print 1 copy of your book or a thousand copies once you have it completed.  Because of the offset discounts provided by Blurb it makes it less expensive to and they provide deeper discounts and a lower cost per unit.

Blurb also offers you a great way to sell you books through their website or your own. Using social media to get your book noticed and helping you promote and sell you children’s book on Amazon. Read about how other successful children’s book others sell their books on Blurb and find out how they can help you with writing, illustrations, formatting your book, and so many other useful things that you would have to do on your own if publishing through Amazon or any other source.  It’s nice to know that there is someone available to help answer your questions or walk you through the steps of becoming a successful children’s author.  Learn More About getting Your Children’s Book Published Here…

Once your book is published Blurb can continue to assist you with promoting, and other suggestions to get your book out in front of an audience.
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