Learn How to Crochet the Perfect Afghan to Give as a Gift

Afghans are the perfect gift to give to someone for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and special events. What makes a perfect crocheted afghan is that it is made with love with your creativity and finding the right crochet pattern and yarn.  Before your crochet your next afghan to give as a gift you need to answer a few questions in order to crochet the perfect afghan to give as a gift to someone. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, a gift for a baby shower or just something you want to make for a special friend or family member you need to make a checklist of a few things before you get started.
Learn How to Crochet or Crochet an Afghan
First things first Do you know how to Crochet or Need to Learn how to crochet an afghan?
Decide on Who You Are Making the Afghan or Throw for or What type of Occasion it’s being crocheted for?
One of the biggest decisions when making an afghan is crocheting one for the right person who will love it and cherish it for years to come.  This could mean crocheting a special blanket in school colors, making a baby blanket for the new little one, crocheting a Christmas afghan, crocheting a wedding afghan or just deciding to make a special blanket for someone.

Ask yourself the following questions.
Who are you crocheting the afghan for? Is it for a family member or friend?
Are you crocheting the afghan for a baby shower, wedding, graduate, grandparent, child or an event or special day?  Maybe just make something for a special organization that you can donate to  Crochet for Charity

Once you decide who you are crocheting the afghan for you can move on to the next exciting decisions in the process of your project.
Once you decide this you can start looking for the right pattern and yarn colors.


Choosing the right pattern and yarn colors for your afghan.

Now that you have decided to make an afghan you will need to choose a pattern and the colors.  There are lots of easy crochet afghan patterns available and some more challenging that will test your skills.

 If you are crocheting a baby blanket choose from granny square patterns, easy patterns in neutral baby colors or shades of blues or pinks, the possibilities or endless.

If you are crocheting an afghan to match a home or certain room be sure to pick out an elegant or casual pattern depending on their style.  

A Wedding afghan can be done in the wedding colors or a neutral color in order to match any decor. 

Christmas afghans can easily be crocheted in shades of red, white and greens. While matching afghans with school colors can be created with patterns featuring stripes, ripples, chevrons, checks or squares.

The right pattern will advise you on what size crochet hook you should use and suggest what type of yarn works best with your pattern.  It’s always a good idea to start with a pattern first before purchasing yarn.  


Check out the Selection of Crochet Afghan Patterns that You can Download and start crocheting.

How to Choose your Yarn for an Afghan – Colors of Yarn

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Yarn is always a fun choice to choose for an afghan.  You can crochet in one color or as many colors as you want.  Afghans can be bright and bold, or soft and cuddly.  The yarn can be a common worsted weight yarn or something that makes your project stand out like a thick yarn or baby yarn for a baby afghan.

When choosing a yarn, again it depends on the pattern you are making and who you are making the afghan for.  For babies you want to choose a soft and easy to care for yarn.  If you want a more sturdy yarn check out the variety of worsted weight yarn.  If you want something that crochets up quickly try a bulky or thick yarn.  

Color choices, patterns and yarn should be easy to work with.  If you find that any of these make it too difficult look for other alternatives.

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When it comes to crocheting an afghan the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.  You can crochet a pattern or make one up as you go along.  Get inspiration from Pinterest boards or from others who crochet.  No matter what you decide on you should feel proud and always take a photo of your finished project to save and view for later. 

Afghan Patterns

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