How to Crochet Your Own Snuggie for a Child or Adult

How to Crochet Your Own Snuggie for a Child or AdultChild Snuggle Up Pattern Free Crochet Pattern
Child Snuggle Up Pattern Free Crochet Pattern

The Snuggie is more popular than ever and it’s okay to admit that you have always want the blanket with sleeves. Who wouldn’t want to curl up on the sofa and stay warm without having to move the blanket around to use our arms.
But if you want to be creative or feel foolish ordering a snuggie online than you can crochet your own with the type, color and thickness of the yarn you want.
Since snuggies come in a few colors if you crochet your own you can make any color you choose. This would make a great gift for a friend or family member.

You can crochet your own snuggie by using the free pattern provided here. They have labeled it an easy project in the terms of skill level and is available to crochet in childrens sizes, adult sizes, and a larger size. If you know your way around a crochet hook and a skein a yarn than this should be a fairly quick and easy project for you to make. You may even be able to crochet one in a weekend!
You can even make them in your favorite football, baseball, kids or adult colors!

For the Free Pattern in PDF format Click Here…


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