Autumn Crochet Patterns Fun Sweaters with Pockets and More

Autumn Crochet Patterns Lots of Pockets for Sweaters and Scarves and More to Keep You Warm

Time to snuggle up with your favorite fall colors and start crocheting these beautiful projects featuring shawls, pocket scarf, ponchos, sweaters and more!
Discover 18 bursting with fun techniques and delightful textures!


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Find new favorites for fall! This autumn issue of Crochet! has all the patterns you need from stylish sweaters to cozy pieces to spice up your seasonal decor. 


Learn More about the Fall Crochet Patterns

  • Practical pockets! The Hampshire Scarf features extra-large pockets that are perfect for carrying your book, phone, keys or almost anything. Combine the warm and stylish look of textured layers with the cozy convenience of pockets!
  • As autumn arrives, the cooler temperatures outside are countered by the warmer colors inside. Usher in that comfy coziness with the Harvest Bobble Banner, a stylish, and stash-busting piece. Style your spaces with crocheted pumpkins, leaves and other autumnal themes.
  • Cute and cozy! Cocoon yourself in warmth with this exquisitely textured Solari Poncho featuring a center panel with a simple cable, accented by post stitches, popcorn stitches encased in diamonds and a snuggly textured collar.

Plus, you won’t to miss the Crochet Tutorial 101 feature teaching the Tapestry Crochet technique and giving helpful tips for working wrong-side rows. Download (or subscribe!) today!







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