Thursday, June 11, 2015

If you Can Tie a Knot You can Make a Rag Rug - Video

Rag Rugs Pattern Booklet & ToolRag Rugs Pattern Booklet and Tool - If you can tie a knot learning how to make a rag rug using strips of fabric is easy enough to do.  Even if you have never created a rug before using a rag rug tool and a few simple instructions (watch the how to video) you can start creating a rug right away.  If you have scraps of leftover fabric on hand you can use the tool after cutting the fabric and tying a few simple knots.  A handy fabric strip cutter is also a great tool in order to make the perfect size strips for your rug project.  You can also use a rotary cutter and cutting matt if you have one already on hand. 
Rag Rugs Pattern Booklet & Tool
If the crochet method isn't working for you try out this easy way to make a rug and use up all of those leftover strips of fabric.

Make a rug of any size using 2"W strips of fabric, and there is no sewing required! Simply knot lengths of fabric together, join 2 strips with a knot, thread one end of the strip onto the tool provided, continue knotting, turn over and repeat -- that’s it! For more information get the book and tool that Includes a 12-pg. instruction booklet, photographs and a 4 1/2"L aluminum tool. or watch the video below....

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