Yarn Whimsies for the Holidays Easy Craft Ideas Made with Yarn

Leisure Arts Yarn Whimsies for the Holidays

Create Yarn Crafts for the Holidays Easy Ideas for Holiday Crafts
I was so happy when I received the Yarn Whimsies for the Holidays from Leisure Arts in order to start making easy crafts with yarn for Christmas decorating and gifts!
Easy to make Hat Yarn Ornaments that look like knit caps
The book is filled with several yarn ideas and inspirations to create and transform your yarn easily into beautiful holiday creations! There were so many projects I wanted to make from the Wreath of Pom-Poms, Star Ornaments, Snowman, Fringed Garland, Light Covers for Stringed Garland, Tasseled throw and so many more!
I made one of the Yarn Trees and the Hat Ornaments and found them so easy to make with my leftover yarn and a few items I found at the dollar store.
Easy to make Christmas Tree with yarn
For the Hat I just need a paper towel or toilet paper tube to wrap the yarn around.  It was such an easy craft project to make and the hats are so adorable for a small tree or to hang on Christmas gifts. The hats remind us of a knitted hat for winter but these are much easier to make and picking out different yarn colors will have you making several for your tree or to hang on your gifts as a extra special decoration.
The Yarn tree was made using a Styrofoam cone I purchased at the Dollar Tree.  The project suggested using a hot glue gun but I used Fabric glue that I placed on the cone and wrap the yarn around carefully without making a mess.  What I liked about the tree is how I could easy add additional yarn to the outside of the tree for extra decoration.  I made the pom-pom on top of the tree but you can purchase a bag of already made pom-poms for easy finishing touches.  The tree is so easy to make and the fun thing about it is that you can use any color of yarn to make trees to match your Christmas or holiday decor!
If you love yarn like I do (I crochet and knit). You can make all sorts of easy holiday gifts for friends and family or get the kids involved and have them help make a pom-pom wreath or a snowman.  There are several yarn ideas that you can attached to gifts or small gift ideas for teachers and co-workers.  
Check out some of my photos below for ideas and inspirations on creating yarn crafts from the Yarn Whimsies Book.

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Yarn Whimsies Christmas Tree Yarn Cone

Christmas tree crafts made from yarn

Steps to make a Christmas tree from Yarn

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How to make a yarn hat ornament

Yarn Hat Ornaments

Making and easy yarn hat ornament

Easy to make a yarn hat ornament

Easy to make yarn hat ornaments

Easy to make yarn Hat ornaments
Easy Yarn Crafts for the Holidays Best Yarn Crafts
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