How to Crochet a Super Cute Rag Doll

Learn How to Crochet a Rag Doll - Crochet doll patterns
Crochet a boy rag doll crochet patternCrochet a girl rag doll crochet patternCrochet a super cute rag doll for someone.  A soft crocheted doll is a great gift idea for any little girl or boy. When crocheting a doll it’s typically crocheted similar to have a stuffed toy is crocheted. You start with individual pieces such as the head, arms, body, legs and attached them together. 
A few things to remember when crocheting a doll is who you are making them for.  Safety first. Don’t add any buttons or removable eyes if you are crocheting a doll for a small child.  
You can crochet a girl doll or a boy doll and display them or make them for play with additional clothing if you like.
One of our favorite crochet patterns is the Polly and Wally Crochet Rag Doll that features dolls to make that are 15″ tall.

Crochet a Doll and doll clothes pattern
Crochet Cute Summer Fairy Crochet Pattern doll



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