The Best Journal Books for Journal Writing and Everyday Organizing

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Journal Writing and Staying on top of things
Keeping a journal is a way to keep yourself organized, right down your thoughts, be creative or express yourself by writing. There are several different types of journals from happiness journals to bible journals, scrapbook journals, drawing journals, writing journals, and so many others to choose from. 
When it comes to selecting a journal that is right for your needs explore what you want to do with your journal and find out what types of journals are available in your category.
Whether you are new at journaling or have been writing in a journal for years here are a few tips, books, and ideas for your creative journaling adventure.
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Quick and Easy Tips for Personalized Planners with Janette Lane
A free online class like the one this will if you are you curious to learn why planners are all the rage in the papercrafting industry right now but confused where to begin? Allow Janette Lane to be your guide as you fall in love with the process of personalizing your planner.
Journal writing classes will also provide you with ideas if you are stuck on what to journal about or what type of journal you should be using.
Here are a few other free online Journaling Classes
Check out Weekly Planners for Staying Organized and Planning your Week
A Journal for Everyday writing, organizing, weekly planning, keeping track of a little bit of everything.
Blank Journals
Blank journals come  with lines or blank sheets of white paper for you to fill up with your thoughts, drawings, notes, reminders and more.  You can start a journal with just a notebook that you purchase from the store or a beautiful blank journal that you can keep and save for years to reflect back on
Choose the Right Journal for Your Needs..
Decide if you what you want to do in your journal. Do you want to write down your thoughts? Plan your week? Stay organized and keep track of appointments, start writing poems or short stories? Draw and doodle or paint in your journal? Scrapbook, save photos and keep and save your memories of family and the kids growing up.
No matter what you are looking for in a journal there is the right one for you and it doesn’t have be be expensive. You can start with a blank notebook and then build up to beautiful, colorful journals, that provide pages to guide you with your writing and journaling.
Take a peek at our Journal
A Little Bit of Everything Journal – This journal has templates for daily planning, weekly meals, budgeting, cleaning, kids schedules, doodling and more!
Also, check out our Crochet Journal for keep organized with your Crochet Projects 
  A Crochet Journal

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