Learn How to Create Easy Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments that Glitter and Shine

Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments and Dollar Store Christmas Decorations


 Christmas Ornaments to Make using Dollar Store Items
Dollar Tree Christmas Ideas – Making Ornaments and Decorating your Home for the Holidays!


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Dollar Tree makes Christmas Decorating and crafts so easy that you’ll want to fill your cart with all of the fun $1 items that can be found online and in stores at Dollar Tree! Plus you can find holiday crafts and inspiration online including wreath ideas, treats, stocking stuffers and more! 
Check out some of the fun items I found at our local Dollar Tree store. There were tons of fun ornaments to shop for along with craft items for Christmas, stocking stuffers, toys and so much more! This year I need to go through my really old Christmas ornaments that are faded and cracked and re-style my tree with some of these unique and inexpensive Christmas ornaments and table decorations!
 Christmas ornaments at the Dollar Tree store


Here’s an idea to make your ornaments sparkle with some of the fun items found online at Dollar Tree and in stores!
One of the ornaments is made using the holiday mesh that makes it look a bit like Christmas trees inside once the glitter is added. Use your imagination and make a few ornaments for your tree this holiday season.
They also make great gifts for kids to make and give to grandparents, teachers, and friends!
Christmas Glitter Ornaments
Materials Needed


Clear Glass Ball Ornament


Crafters Square Paintable Clear Plastic Christmas Ball Ornaments, 2-ct. Packs


Crafter's Square Paintable Clear Plastic Christmas Balls, 4 in.
Jingle Bells 


Crafter's Square Jingle Bells
Small ones that will fit inside the ornaments. You can use one color, two colors or more!
Ornament Filler
Filler can be one color, Christmas trees, glitter, snow, or whatever you choose.
 Christmas Ornament Filler



 PromoPromo Promo Line Home  Holidays  Christmas  Christmas Tissue, Tags & Bows  Crafter's Square Christmas Decorative Mesh Tubes, 12-yd. Lengths  Crafter's Square Christmas Decorative Mesh Tubes


Christmas Ribbon
Instructions on Making Ornaments
Note prepare your workspace by covering with paper or plastic. The glitter or fillers may be a little messy and it makes clean up easier.
Small Ornament
Add Jingle bells to fill up a small ornament
Use Ornament filler and add to the inside of ornament
Add top back on to the small ornament and shake carefully to spread the glitter around
Tie a Christmas ribbon to the top of the ornament
Note: you can add glitter, bells, pom poms, snow filler, different colors of bells, or other items to create any style of Christmas ornament that you choose.


Large Christmas Ornament
Adding the green mesh tubing into a clear ornament will give you the look of a Christmas tree inside the ornament. Other colors will work well with different colors of glitter to make your ornament sparkle in the light!
Fill Large Clear Ornament with Green, Red, or any color Mesh Tube you choose.
The green mesh tube will give a tree like look to the ornament
Add ornament filler of your choice and close the top before shaking it around to make it stick to the mesh tube.
Add a ribbon to the top for hanging. Adding white glitter to green creates a snow like effect on a tree on the inside of the ornament and gives it a festive feel!
Adding ribbon, glitter, pom poms, snowflakes, and more items to clear ornaments will provide you with unique, one of a kind decorations for your Christmas tree this holiday season. 
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Dollar Tree Christmas Ideas – Making Ornaments and Decorating your Home for the Holidays!

Learn How to Create Easy Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments that Glitter and Shine

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