How to make a No-Sew ornament and free ornament patterns

Tutorial: How to Make Fabric and Ribbon Pinecone Ornaments
Tutorial: How to Make Fabric and Ribbon Pinecone Ornaments
No-sew ornament patterns for Christmas and decoratingPinecone No-Sew Ornament Pattern

A no-sew ornament can be made easily for any time of the year. Although most patterns for no-sew ornaments are made for Christmas there are patterns also for all year round.
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When making a no-sew ornament there is not sewing, crochet, knitting or other crafting involved. This makes it a craft everyone can do. All you need to know how to do is to pin and push.

The ornaments may look complicated but they are not and you can make them as simple or detailed as you want depending on your time and the pattern you choose to use.

No Sew Ornaments to Make


These ornaments are not difficult but can be a little bit time consuming. To start all you need is some Styrofoam balls or smooth cone balls, a butter or craft knife, a lot of straight or dressmaker pins, 2.5” or 3” squares of fabric, glue gun, ribbon for outside of ball or to use as a hanger.
You can design your own pattern to create the no-sew ornament or use one of the many no-sew ornament patterns listed below.
Free No-Sew Ornament Patterns
No-Sew Quilted Ball Ornaments – Simple and easy
Quilted Christmas Ornament – Pretty for the holidays and beyond
Evergreen Tree No-Sew Ornament Pattern
More Ornament Patterns
Evergreen Tree No-Sew Ornament Pattern – Easy to make the complete no-sew pattern includes step-by-step photo diagrams and instructions to create a beautiful ornament for your Christmas tree, or just to decorate around the house.
Starry Night No-Sew Ornament Pattern – No-sew wreath ornament to make perfect for anytime of the year.
Heirloom Ball No-Sew Ornament Pattern – Complete pattern with photo and diagrams
Pinwheel No-Sew Ornament Pattern
Pinecone No-Sew Ornament Sewing Pattern – No-sew Christmas pine cone ornament pattern complete with photos and diagrams.
Winter Ornaments Sewing Pattern – Sewing pattern for ornaments
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Bursting Star No-Sew Ornament Pattern

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