How to Make a Birdhouse with this Easy Barn Birdhouse Kit

How to Make a Birdhouse with this Easy Barn Birdhouse Kit

Barn Birdhouse Kit
Birdhouse measures 9-1/4″ tall x 6-1/2″ wide x 8-1/4″ deep.


• Excellent beginner’s woodworking kit

• Fun and easy to build

• Constructed from quality hardwoods

• Real Cedar shake roof

• Can be easily decorated
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Making a birdhouse is a fun projects for parents and kids. While it can be fun to go to the store to get all the items you need to create your birdhouse there is an easier way. A birdhouse kit is perfect for beginners and experienced woodworkers to get their start creating a home for birds.
Building a birdhouse or bird feeder from a kit makes it easier for a beginner to learn more about woodworking and getting creative with wood. Pick your own paint or stain colors and decorate your home any way you choose! 
The great thing about a birdhouse kit is that you can paint and decorate it in any style that you want. Plus the kits come in a variety of styles and sizes to create and are inexpensive. Take a look at some of our favorite birdhouse kits and bird feeder kits below!

Birdhouse Kits and Bird Feeder Kits and Plans

The four pictured here are part of group of six: three shelters and three feeders in all. Plan includes traceable patterns.

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