How to Knit a Super Bulky Quick Knit Afghan Knitting Pattern

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Knit a Super Thick Quick to knit bulky afghan knitting patternJumbo U.S. size 50/25mm 32" Circular Needle
A comfy knit throw is something you can easily knit up quickly by using large knitting needles and a bulky yarn. If you don’t want to purchase knitting needles you can try knitting with wooden dowel rod and create your own needles but it may just be easier to add a pair to your collection. There are two ways to knit a large blanket you can use a bulky yarn such as Premier Yarns Couture Yarns or knit with several strands (4 to 6) of yarn to make a thicker blanket.  Personally, I think it works better with the thicker yarn. You can create your own pattern or download the pattern for the Jazz Afghan shown in the photo. Once you cast on your stitches decide how large you want your project to be.  Since this is a thick afghan something about the size of 38″ x 55″ would work well.
Here are some suggestions to get your started.
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Find a Good Pair of Large Knitting Needles to use for your Project. 
The Jazz Afghan calls for Circular needles but an afghan can easily be worked with any type of large knitting needle depending on the finished project. 

Cable Comfort Throw by Lion Brand Knit Blanket Kit

  Find the perfect pattern or knitting kit to make the perfect bulky blanket or try out a pair of large knitting needles and bulky yarn and use your favorite knitting stitches to knit a large, thick blanket to cuddle up in.

Knit Kit - Chunky Dotty Blanket
Knit Kit – Chunky Dotty Blanket
Knit Kit - Nove Knit Blanket
Knit Kit – Nove Knit Blanket

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