How Crochet an Edge on a Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Skirt

 Learn how easy it is to crochet an edge on a felt Christmas tree skirt purchased from the Dollar Tree store.  I needed an inexpensive tree skirt for an extra Christmas tree that we have for the holidays.  I already have one tree skirt that I have crocheted and was checking out the local Dollar Tree Store when I found these cute felt type Christmas tree skirts.  I picked up one with a Snowman on it and another one that has Santa on the skirt. There are also white tree skirts and red tree skirts with snowflakes on them available.  If you can’t find them in stores you can purchase them online here and make a few gifts for friends and family.
Materials Needed:


Start with your choice of Christmas tree skirts,  Yarn color of your choice.  I like the white yarn with the red tree skirt, but green would also work.
I used Red Heart Yarn.
You will also need a Rotary Cutter with skip blade or something to poke holes into the edge of the tree skirts.
Size H  Crochet Hook or size of your choice Crochet hook and scissors.




Use your rotary cutter or edging tool to make holes evenly around the bottom edge of your tree skirt. 


1st Row – With White Yarn (or color of your choice) SC around the bottom edge of the tree skirt. Turn

2nd Row:  SC in 1 ST,  3 DC in Next Stitch to make a shell, Repeat Across to the End and Turn.

3rd Row (Optional):  1 SC in top of shell stitch, 3 DC in ch 1 stitch across, Finish off. 




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