How to Upholster an Ottoman Step-by-Step

Makers Guide: Reupholstered Foot Stool
When you begin a new project such as reupholstering furniture, start small and simple if you have never done a piece before.  While some projects will be easier than others a square or rectangular ottoman is one of the basic simple pieces you can easily create into a stunning new piece by reupholstering the stool. 
Before you get started make sure to have the proper tools and eye protection.
Measure your stool properly for fabric and use a durable fabric that will wear on a furniture piece.
Here are some of the tools you will need:
A Tack Hammer – One side of the hammer is flat and the other is slotted in order to remove tacks.
Webbing Stretcher – This will help stretch webbing and do other things for your furniture.
Tack Remover – You maybe able to use the end of the tack hammer but this tool can be helpful in small areas. 
Heavy Duty Staple Gun – This is a great tool for attaching fabric to furniture, cornice boards, and home decor projects. Also works well for drywall and furniture frames. 
Special Hand Sewing Needles – A basic assortments of sewing hand needles to do slip stitching and add finishing touches. 
Upholstery Pins – Round upholstery pins for holding heavy and multiple layers of fabric in place.

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