How to Crochet a Free Easy Crochet Halloween Ghost Pattern that requires No Sewing or Stuffing



Easy to Crochet Ghost Pattern

By Craftdrawer Crafts
Annette’s Crochet
Skill Level – Easy

This Cute little crochet ghost is quick and easy to crochet.  All you need is some yarn, a crochet hook, and a hair tie or black yarn for the neck. It’s crocheted using a half double crochet and the face can be on both sides of the ghost so when it turns around if you hang it you can easily see his eyes!  Add a piece of yarn at the top so you can hang them on trees, in your home or on your backpack or purse.
Halloween Ghost Ornament (Crochet)
Halloween Ghost Ornament (Crochet)
Materials Needed
White Acrylic Yarn (1 Skein) can make several Ghosts
Black Yarn – Enough for Eyes and Hanger
To begin you want to Chain 27 (or depending on how large of ghost you want you can make chain more).
Ch 27 turn
Row 1 – HDC in first chain and in every chain across
Row 2 – HDC across
Row 3 – Continue to HDC until your crochet is completely square 7″ x 7″ or about 18 rows.
Next Do NOT cut yarn instead ch1 and turn at the corner to begin DC all the way around your edges on each side. Cut Yarn and Finish off.
Next – Fold you finished piece from one corner to the next and wrap the black hair elastic around the top to create the head of the ghost.  You can sew the elastic on with black yarn if you prefer to make it more secure.
Sew on eyes so that you can see them from both sides and add a piece of yarn to the top for hanging.  See the photos below to use as a guide.

Little Ghost Finger Puppet Pattern (Crochet)
Little Ghost Finger Puppet Pattern (Crochet)



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