Five Stunning Hat and Scarf Sets That Can be Crocheted in a Weekend or Less


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There are several types of hats and scarves to crochet but when it comes to crocheting something with texture and that looks nice the patterns in Noggins and Necks are some of our favorites to crochet for gift ideas. (don’t worry we also will be sharing a few free patterns below).  The reason we like the Noggins and Necks patterns so much is that while they are easy to crochet they provide us with cable patterns that make our hats and scarves look so elegant and appealing to crochet.  The patterns in this book are so easy to follow and understand. By using worsted weight (4) yarn you can crochet 5 easy hat and scarf projects in the colors that you want!   
The stitch work is what we would call advanced beginner and may be a good way for a beginner to take a step forward in their skill level. The projects are: basket weave, woven stitch, two stitch, fisherman, and braided. Each have a matching scarf and hat. 
Crochet easy hat and scarf patterns
Noggins and Necks (Leisure Arts #4975) by Bonnie Barker features 5 stunning hat and scarf sets that can be crocheted in a weekend or less. Bonnie says, ‘My best friend’s mom taught me to read fisherman crochet patterns from a Leisure Arts book. I based some of these new designs on that richly textured style, while all 5 sets are closely worked for warmth. They finish quickly and make beautiful gifts.’ 

All made using medium weight yarn, the 5 hat and scarf sets are named Basket Weave, Woven Stitch, Two Stitch, Fisherman, and Braided Hat and Scarf Set. All are for Easy skill level.
More Patterns
Granny Squares Hat (Crochet)
Granny Squares Hat (Crochet)

Checkmate Hat (Crochet)
Checkmate Hat (Crochet)

Level 2 - Easy Crochet Scarf & Hat - Version 5
Level 2 – Easy Crochet Scarf & Hat – Version 5

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