Easy to Make Dollar Store Christmas Crafts

Easy to Make Dollar Store Crafts using Items Purchased from the Dollar Tree Store. 
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Christmas Crafts are so quick and easy to make with just a little imagination and a few items from the Dollar Tree.  An easy Christmas tree made using a styrofoam cone, yarn and some glue or a easy to make Christmas wreath out of a foam ring, some paper and a ribbon are just a couple of the examples of Christmas crafts to make for the holiday.
How to make the Paper Christmas Wreath 
Materials Needed:
Dry Floral Foam Rings or Styrofoam Rings


Scrap paper, colored paper, or  Christmas Cards or Gift Wrap to decorate the wreath with . 
Stick Pins to use to stick your leaves on to the wreath.
Directions :  Cut out as many leaves if different shapes from the paper or gift wrapping of your choice to make a Christmas wreath.  Arrange the leaves on the wreath and attach with stick pins.  Add a colorful ribbon in Christmas colors to the top of the wreath.
Use floral wire to hang the wreath on a hook or door. 


To make the Christmas tree you will need
Styrofoam Cones from the Dollar Tree
Pom Poms 
Directions :  Add the glue onto the cone and carefully wrap the yarn around the cone. Allow to dry and add a pom pom at the top of the tree. 
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