How to Crochet a Easy Face Mask Lanyard Crochet Pattern

Easy to Crochet Face Mask Lanyard Necklace Holder Pattern

Easy to Crochet Face Mask Lanyard or Necklace Holder Pattern  – Free Crochet Pattern
This is an easy pattern for a beginner
Great for holding a face mask or attaching to your glasses and wearing around your neck when not in use.
What do you do with your face mask when leaving the store, school, work, or just taking a break? Do you hang it around one ear, or maybe you take it off and put it in a pocket or purse. Well, now you can crochet something that you can hang it around your neck. It can even be an ear saver if you loop the chain around your ears and pull it away from your ears so that it doesn’t rub. 
Crochet an easy mask lanyard. Functional and decorative mask holder or mask strap with removable clips fits most mask styles for kids and adults. This is perfect for kids that may be more likely to lose their mask. Great for teachers, nurses or anyone that works with a mask on! There are many different ways to make a lanyard for your face mask. This one is the necklace style but there are so many designs and ideas to embellish and add to your project!
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Yarn suggested – I used washable cotton yarn but any washable acrylic yarn can be used.
Crochet Hook sizes G, H, or I.
The pattern is fairly easy just a single crochet. You can embellish the item or make it larger or smaller if you prefer.
You want to make it about 26 or 27 inches long so be sure to measure your chain instead of counting it.
It all depends on who you are making it for.
For this pattern we did a basic single crochet of two rows but you can easily make it more rows to make it thicker or larger.

Crochet Pattern

Ch 1 and continue until your chain measures about 27 inches.
Single crochet across starting in second chain from hook. Single crochet across and turn. SC next row and finish off.
Once finished add a hook of your choice. You can either sew the hook on to the end or clip it on for easy removal for washing. 
We used a lanyard holder clip that you push and clip on. You can easily clip these to the end of your project or fold the end over and clip it on.  You can also use a jewelry hook that are used for necklaces or eyeglass holders.


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Cotton Yarn
20 Steel Lanyard Hooks/ Sprung Hooks Accessory Clip 20 mm
Bright Crochet Hook Set

Get Creative with These Face Mask Lanyard Necklace Holder Patterns

Pattern for Face Mask Lanyard / Necklace / Holder / Chain
These are not medical masks, but are to be used as face mask covers for disposable rectangle shaped and N-95 masks. The rectangle cover measures 7” long and 4 ½” wide at center. It also includes a pocket to insert the mask. The N-95 cover measures 9” long and 7” wide at center. Also included is an extension band that measures 4 ¾” long and 1 ½” wide. Illustrations for embroidery flowers are included.


Mask lanyard crochet PATTERN mask holder mask necklace step
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