Easy to Crochet Year-Round Gnomes for Your Home

Year-Round Gnomes for Your Home Crochet Patterns

These fun gnomes are not just for the holidays but for all year long!  There are 8 mythical creatures to crochet and display in your home! We consider the pattern beautiful and fairly easy to make but does require some detail. 
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You can easily crochet an adorable gnome for Christmas decorations or a fall centerpiece. Consider a gnome for just hanging around all year round! 

Seasonal Crochet Patterns all year round!

A finished gnome stands 7″ tall and 4″ wide. The suggested yarn for this project is Premier® Anti-Pilling Everyday® DK-weight yarn  which comes in a variety of colors.
All patterns 8 Mystical patterns are available in paperback or can be downloaded for immediate use.
Gnomes can be crocheted as shown in the photos or you can adjust the colors to what you prefer to make them for a certain person, holiday, or event.
These mythical creature will easily add a little whimsey to your home or holiday decor!
You can choose your favorite to make over and over again in different colors for your favorite small gift items or make all 8 of these adorable creatures to display all over your home!

Who says gnomes are just for the holiday season? These 8 mythological creatures will bring a touch of whimsy to your home all year long. Bixley adds a festive touch to your Christmas decor; Lorenzo & Esme let you show your love on Valentine’s Day; Pascal is waiting patiently for Easter; Blossom is ready to plant her flowers; Sukie hopes to scare someone at Halloween; Carmine has raided the pumpkin patch; and Darrell—well, Darrell is just hanging around the farmhouse all year long! 





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