How to Decorate your Holiday Home Vintage Retro Ceramic Christmas Trees

Cute Vintage Christmas trees 

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There are many reasons to love the holidays, but as you get older it makes it even more special is the sense of nostalgia that comes with the holiday season. Whether it’s watching a classic Christmas movie, or pulling out the holiday decorations, we all love recreating the past. That includes decades that  you didn’t live in but still want to share with others in your family.
Even if you were not old enough to remember or have a ceramic Christmas tree in the 1970s when the were popular. You memories might including seeing them in a relatives or friends house or maybe receiving one yourself as a hand me down. Now, the ceramic trees are just as popular and lots of stores are selling the tabletop version as well as ornaments in colors of white or green. 
Magnifying GlassMagnifying Glass
This far along in the season there are some great deals to be had on ornaments and Christmas decorations!
Even if you have all of your holiday decorations finished, but still have room on your Christmas tree for some retro ornaments without having to take up space on counter or tabletop.  You can get a great deal on the these fun Christmas trees 
Two ceramic tree ornaments in green and white , on sale now They do light up with batteries and include the button cell batteries with the order.  They are currently in stock for a limited time and you can order yours online here..
You can order the Retro Lighted Ceramic Tabletop Christmas trees also below…
Magnifying Glass
In Colors of White or Green in Sizes
4″ dia. x 7-1/2″H
Dolomite, plastic and metal
Requires 2 “AA” batteries

6″ dia. x 10″H
Dolomite, plastic and metal
Requires 3 “AA” batteries



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