Creative Ideas and Patterns on How to Crochet Edgings for Baby Blankets

Creative Ideas and Patterns on How to Crochet Edgings for Baby Blankets

How to Crochet an Edging on a Baby Blanket
Crocheting an edging on to a baby blanket is the perfect way to add a little something extra to that baby shower gift. It’s easy to crochet something nice on an existing baby blanket or use fabric in a pattern that you want gift. Check out our ideas, patterns and guide below on what materials you will need, pattern ideas and more on crocheting a baby blanket edging for the new little one!
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Materials Needed to Get Started

Before you get started crocheting your project you will need a few items. You can decide if you want to use an new baby blanket to crochet with or piece of fabric.  Standard baby sizes are 34 x 46 inches if you are cutting fabric to crochet around for your project.
First Choose Your Fabric or Blanket
You can Purchase blankets online and in stores. Look for Clearance sales and blankets that come in sets.
Here are a few suggestions for blankets.


Blankets and Fabrics for Edgings



Angel of Mine Fleece Baby Blankets, 30x30 in.
These are Dollar Store Blankets and not always available. You can check the link above to see if they are in stock currently
Dr. Seuss ABC Alphabet Words AdventureTimeless Treasures Little Star Flannel Bunnies And Little Ones With Sunshine YellowShannon Studio Minky Cuddle Lady Bug Scarlet
You can also buy a bundle of blankets on Amazon like the ones above…

Yarn Suggestions for Blanket Edgings

When crocheting an edging for a baby blanket use a soft baby yarn, thread or cotton yarn to match your fabric or baby blanket. Just make sure that it’s safe for baby.


Cotton Yarn for Baby Blankets


Lustrous, elegant, and versatile – Curio is sure to be your favorite new crochet thread!

How to Crochet the Edge

In order to create the edging around your fabric or blanket you will need a Rotary Cutter with a skip blade.  You can also use a piercing crochet hook tool to make the holes.

Edgit™ Piercing Crochet Hooks


Crochet Edging Patterns for Baby Blankets

Here are a variety of crochet patterns for baby blanket edgings. Some are paid patterns and some are free as noted with the pattern.
When Baby needs a lightweight blanket, these crochet edgings help you transform a piece of seersucker or cotton flannel into a wrap that’s just right. The styles range from tailored to frilly.
Little Book format has 6 edgings to crochet in bedspread weight (size 10) cotton thread along the edge of baby blankets you make from cotton flannel or seersucker fabrics.
Lace Edged Receiving Blanket Pattern

Lace Edged Receiving Blanket Pattern

To review what you need in order to crochet a baby blanket border or edging are the following:

Soft Fleece Fabric or Cotton Baby Blanket
Rotary Cutter with Skip Blade
eBook Baby's Choice Crochet Edgings for Fleece
eBook Baby’s Choice Crochet Edgings for Fleece
Soft Yarn or Cotton Thread
Crochet Patterns featuring Borders and Edging.

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