Best Knitting Patterns to Knit with Stroll Sock Yarn

Knitting Patterns to Knit with Stroll Sock Yarn

Knit a pair of socks or even a sweater with this soft knitting yarn
 Best Knitting Patterns to Knit with Stroll Sock Yarn
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The Stroll Sock Yarn is a super-soft and affordable yarn that is machine washable and a treat for your feet and other parts of your body!  The yarn is available in a variety of solid colors made for high-grade Merino wool and nylon blend, that can easily show off textures, cables and lace in your patterns. The yarn is versatile, cushy and warm which allows you to easily knit socks and many other patterns such as sweaters and shawls.
It’s great for gifts because the yarn is machine washable and you don’t have to worry about your recipient not being able to care properly for the garment.
The yarn is also perfect for babies and kids items. 
It’s suggested that you wash the yarn in the delicate cycle for best results.

Colors of Yarn 

Stroll Sock Yarn is available in several colors including blues, greens, grays, white, black, purple and many other neutral and bright colors. 


Stroll Sock Yarn

Knitting Patterns for Stroll Sock Yarn

Knitter’s favorite patterns to make using the Stroll Sock yarn are typically socks because of the way the yarn is soft and easy to work with plus it shows off texture, lace and cables without distraction. It’s soft on the feet and on the hands while knitting!
There are also several other knitting projects that you can make with this yarn. Take a look at a few of the suggested patterns below.

Knitting Patterns



Cotyledon Socks - Knitting Pattern
In the true spirit of spring, this sock design is toe-up, beginning with the first sprout of a seedling, emerging in full flower at the top of the cuff. 


Kapowski Leg Warmers - Knitting Pattern


NY Cowl - Knitting Pattern


Compass Cardigan - Knitting Pattern


Barnsdall Cardi Pattern Kit
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Celtic Kilraine sock pattern
Celtic Kilraine sock pattern

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