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How to Knit a Super Bulky Quick Knit Afghan Knitting Pattern

Knit a Super Thick Quick to knit bulky afghan knitting patternJumbo U.S. size 50/25mm 32" Circular Needle

A comfy knit throw is something you can easily knit up quickly by using large knitting needles and a bulky yarn. If you don't want to purchase knitting needles you can try knitting with wooden dowel rod and create your own needles but it may just be easier to add a pair to your collection. There are two ways to knit a large blanket you can use a bulky yarn such as Premier Yarns Couture Yarns or knit with several strands (4 to 6) of yarn to make a thicker blanket.  Personally, I think it works better with the thicker yarn. You can create your own pattern or download the pattern for the Jazz Afghan shown in the photo. Once you cast on your stitches decide how large you want your project to be.  Since this is a thick afghan something about the size of 38" x 55" would work well.
Here are some suggestions to get your started.

Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-3504 Knitting Needles, Size 35, 19mmLion Brand Yarn 400-5-5504 Speed Stix Knitting Needles Size 50, 25mmCircular Knitting Needles Us Size 50 Wood 40 inch Jumbo Knitters Pride BasixJumbo Plastic Knitting Needle Pair 14"-Size 50/25mm
Find a Good Pair of Large Knitting Needles to use for your Project. 
The Jazz Afghan calls for Circular needles but an afghan can easily be worked with any type of large knitting needle depending on the finished project. 
View Large Knitting Needles on Amazon 

Premier® Yarns Couture Jazz™

Choose the Right Yarn. A Bulky Yarn like the Premier Couture Jazz Yarn works great with patterns. 

Cable Comfort Throw by Lion Brand Knit Blanket Kit

  Find the perfect pattern or knitting kit to make the perfect bulky blanket or try out a pair of large knitting needles and bulky yarn and use your favorite knitting stitches to knit a large, thick blanket to cuddle up in.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Best Convertible Car Seats for Baby Toddler and Crochet Car Seat Blanket Patterns

eBook Car Seat Blankets - Crochet
Car Seats are constantly changing for the better. One of the best Car Seat Technologies to help keep you child safe and save money is a Convertible Car Seat.  The Convertible Car seat allows infants to grow into the car seat.  Most of these seats will have quick adjustment positions for managing children of different sizes and ages. Convertible Car Seat fits rear-facing babies weighing 5-40 pounds, and forward-facing children from 20-65 pounds. Remember, keep your child rear-facing for as long as you can – it’s safer! By being able to adjust the car seat you will be able to hang on to it for a couple of years instead of going from an infant seat to a toddler car seat and save money by purchasing just one car seat.
Once you have the car seat you feel fits your family the best it's time to find the right blanket to crochet for your baby's car seat.  The blanket will also depend on what seat you choose.  You will want to size the blanket right to fit on or cover up a baby.
Some of the easiest and best patterns are in the
Crochet Car Seats Blankets Patterns - These blankets are easy to crochet and are the perfect size for baby. You can choose lightweight or medium weight yarn, make them smaller or larger in size, and choose the right color of yarn and style that suits your style.

We also like the following Crochet Car Seat Ideas


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How to Makeover an End or Corner Table Using Contact Paper

 Multi purpose Corner Table

A small laminate table especially for the corner of a room can easily make great storage for a bath or bedroom or any small space. I have a small bathroom with no linen closet but had this black laminate corner table collecting dust (as you can tell from the photos) in my basement. It was the perfect size for my bath except it was the wrong color so instead of painting it I decided to use contact paper on the table.
Before you get started be sure that you want to change the color of your table as contact paper has a sticky side and may damage the surface if you try to remove it after it has been applied for a while.
I started with a small inexpensive corner table such as this one that required no tools to assemble just twist and turn the legs into the shelves.
You can easily do this with a small dresser or small end table. 

Here are the Instructions on How to Makeover the Table Step-by-Step
1.  Start with an inexpensive table that you don't mind if the color changes.  I would suggest doing this on a non-carpeted floor as the sticky side of the contact paper may collect pet hair and other things off the carpeting.  

2.  Gather up the tools you will need for your project.  This will include something to clean off your table with, a tape measure, a ruler, contact paper, a pencil, and scissors or a razor blade to cut your contact paper with. 

3.  When checking out contact paper make sure to get enough of the color that you want for your table and that is has a self-adhesive backing.  This will make it easier to fit to your table. 

4. Clean all the dust and stains off of the table.  This is important to do before you begin because the contact paper will stick to anything under the table and show through so you will want a clean, smooth surface before you begin your project.

5.  Disassemble your table and remove the shelves. Be sure that you take photos or mark items in order to put the table back together properly.  Layout your contact paper on a smooth, flat surface and begin to mark and measure where you want to cut your contact paper.  You can trace it on the back of the paper or cut around.  I would suggest having enough contact paper for trial and error purposes. 

6.  Place the table on the cut piece of your contact paper and make sure that it will fit properly before making any additional measurements or cuts.  

7.  Before removing the back layout how you would like your contact paper to go on.  We have hole in our table so I had to mark with a pencil where the holes where in order to cut them out correctly.  I decided to wrap the paper around the edges of the table. Realizing this would work better on a square or rectangular table, I would suggest now if you have a corner table to cut and measure the contact paper for the edges separately. 

8.  Smooth out the surface as you are placing the paper on to the table to remove any air bubbles.  You may want to use a plastic paint shield or something to smooth out the paper as you lay it on the shelf.   You can cut around any holes with scissors or a knife/blade as you go.  

9.  Make sure that you like the look of the paper you choose with the table.  I am thinking of doing something with the end table legs to change the color to white to match the room I am putting it in. Be careful while you can remove contact paper fairly easy over time it may damage the original finish. 

10.  Make sure to have proper lighting and a good surface to remove any air bubble and t smooth out any wrinkles. 

11.  Secure the contact paper tightly around your shelves. Trim off any excess edges and touch up any errors.  Begin to put your table back together to see the results of your finished project. 

12.  This is my finished project. While I am going to be fixing up the edges in the front because of some wrinkles and possibly changing the leg color I do like the finished project especially because it will now match the room better.  In order to fix the edges I will have to trim them off and reapply or I may just match them to the leg colors when I change them.

Here are some Great Corner Tables...
Flip Flop Folding Corner Unit Bookcase

Wilfredo Corner End Table with Storage

Lynn End Table With Storage

Monday, July 25, 2016

Back to School Name Labels Best Personalized Labels for the Stuff Kids Lose!

Personalized dishwasher safe labels for kids bottles, toys and sporting equiment 
Note:  I covered up the last name on the stickers I received for privacy for photos.
Order your Personalized Name Stickers for Back to School and Receive FREE SHIPPING in the US.

Shop Mabels Labels OnlineThe Personalized Name Stickers really came in handy for one of my grandsons who is currently in the first grade and is always losing or misplacing items.  I ordered the Personalized Name Stickers from Mabel's Labels in the sports baseball theme with colors of blue, red and yellow.  It was really easy to order online and pick from several themes such as animals, soccer, airplanes, trucks, dolls, music, skates and many more.  The different themes come in different colors and you can easily choose the font you want so it can be bold, large, smaller or whatever you like.  The stickers are affordable and are shipped free.
What I like about these stickers is that they are durable and can withstand water, dish washing, and the destruction of little boys.  Mom can add them to his water bottle, toys, sports equipment, backpack and much more.
The labels are durable and large enough to spot on a kids items.  2/3/4" x 5/8" there are 45 labels that will last a long time 
Suggested Uses:
Personalized Name Stickers are perfect for water bottles, toys, lunch/snack containers and books, tablets, computers and school supplies.  You can also find stick on clothing labels, custom shoe stickers, personalized bag tags and iron on clothing labels.
If you want to check out some of the best name stickers for your kids toys, and school items follow this link and have your labels personalized and shipped for free.  You can also check out the many other labels available for clothing, kitchen items, books, household items. moving, and many more label items at a great price.
Free shipping on all orders at Mabel's Labels
Personalized Labels for school and events

Personalized school labels

Personalized labels for school and sporting equipment

Preschool Shoe Labels

Pantry & Kitchen Labels

Mabels Labels

Adult Coloring: How to Host a Coloring Book Party for Adult Crafters

Coloring Books
National Coloring Book Day
A Day to Relax and Color
Monthly Coloring Book Parties

Coloring for grown-ups is all the rage right now and coloring parties are extremely popular!
Host your own coloring book party just add the guests and have fun relaxing and coloring. Get your friends together to host your very first coloring party.  All you need is some coloring books, markers, and coloring book pencils like the ones found in the Coloring Book Party Bundle.   Add a few drinks, ice tea, and snacks and your way to having an enjoyable day with friends!
Here is how to get your coloring party started:

1.  Decorate your home in a coloring book theme. Add some colorful pencils and markers around in cups or tables along with coloring books for your guests to browse.  Use bright colored tablecloths, food trays, plates and utensils to set the mood.

2.  Provide your guests with coloring books or printed pages of coloring sheets to choose from especially if it's their first time.  The Leisure Arts coloring books remove easily from the pages because they are perforated or you can choose to print your own coloring sheets. Check out the free coloring pages 

3.  Add a wide selection of coloring tools for your guests to choose from. While some prefer coloring with pencils, others may enjoy markers, colored pencils or even crayons to color with.

4. Add some simple snacks such as wine and cheese or ice tea and chips. Make it something simple and easy to clean up afterwards and easy enough for your guests to munch on while coloring.

5. Propose a color challenge or game to play while coloring. Try something like the three-color challenge where guests can only use three colors to finish their project with.

Most of all have fun and enjoy the time coloring with your friend.  Be sure to check out the 
Four 8" x 8.5" coloring books, 24 colored pencils, 18 double-ended markers and 12 gel pens. coloring books are perfect for parties, because they contain an assortment of simple and more intricate designs so everyone can pick their favorite page.  The designs are printed on one side of the paper and each page is perforated for easy removal so books can easily be shared.  Gather your friends and family, and let the fun times roll!  

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