Loom Knitting Hat Ultimate Loom Knitting Set with a Crochet Edge


I recently reviewed the Ultimate Loom Knitting Set from Leisure Arts and started on a small child’s hat to knit with the loom. (Read the Review Here).  I began the hat on the Oval loom and decided to finish if off with a double and single crochet edge pattern.  What’s nice about the knitting loom is that when you knit a hat it has more stretch to it in order to fit the person wearing the hat head much easier.   I like the idea of combining the crocheted edge with the knitted look from the loom for two reasons.  One,  I can make hats much quicker when I crochet but I like the look of the loom pattern so making a portion of the hat knitted creates a  unique look.  Two, using the knitting loom I can make a variety of different styles of hats easily.  Plus when crocheting an edge I can do a ribbed stitch, make it with a lacy edge for a little girl or go plain or striped with my edging.

My next project may be a combination scarf with the Oval Knitting Loom.  The only problem I have with the loom is that I crochet much faster and can get projects done quicker when I crochet but I am enjoying the way the finished items come out on the loom and find it easy to do while watching tv or just relaxing out on the patio.
Take a look at the Oval Knitting Loom set for yourself.  There are several patterns/projects that you can make using the loom whether you have ever knitted or crocheted before in the past it’s really easy to follow and great to make gifts with!



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