Back to School Name Labels Best Personalized Labels for the Stuff Kids Lose!

Personalized dishwasher safe labels for kids bottles, toys and sporting equiment 
Note:  I covered up the last name on the stickers I received for privacy for photos.
Order your Personalized Name Stickers for Back to School and Receive FREE SHIPPING in the US.

Shop Mabels Labels OnlineThe Personalized Name Stickers really came in handy for one of my grandsons who is currently in the first grade and is always losing or misplacing items.  I ordered the Personalized Name Stickers from Mabel’s Labels in the sports baseball theme with colors of blue, red and yellow.  It was really easy to order online and pick from several themes such as animals, soccer, airplanes, trucks, dolls, music, skates and many more.  The different themes come in different colors and you can easily choose the font you want so it can be bold, large, smaller or whatever you like.  The stickers are affordable and are shipped free.

What I like about these stickers is that they are durable and can withstand water, dish washing, and the destruction of little boys.  Mom can add them to his water bottle, toys, sports equipment, backpack and much more.
The labels are durable and large enough to spot on a kids items.  2/3/4″ x 5/8″ there are 45 labels that will last a long time 
Suggested Uses:
Personalized Name Stickers are perfect for water bottles, toys, lunch/snack containers and books, tablets, computers and school supplies.  You can also find stick on clothing labels, custom shoe stickers, personalized bag tags and iron on clothing labels.
If you want to check out some of the best name stickers for your kids toys, and school items follow this link and have your labels personalized and shipped for free.  You can also check out the many other labels available for clothing, kitchen items, books, household items. moving, and many more label items at a great price.
Free shipping on all orders at Mabel’s Labels
Personalized Labels for school and events

Personalized school labels

Personalized labels for school and sporting equipment



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