Thursday, March 31, 2016

Free Sewing Pattern Spring Floral Pillow Shams for you Bedroom

Free DIY Sew it Yourself Superhero Floor Pillow Sewing Pattern:
Pillow Shams Pattern

6 Strips of Fabric that are 3.75" WOF
2 Pieces of Ribbon that are About 32" Long
By arranging the strips in the order you want and sewing them together via the tutorial in the link below you can create some beautiful spring and summer pillow shams.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

April is Earth Month Celebrate with Green Kids Crafts

Green Kids Crafts

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Use offer code GET3FREE at checkout to get $35 off a 12-month subscription. Sign up before April 17th and you'll start your subscription with their April Nature Discovery Box, which includes a paper making kit, a sunprint kit, a paper mache globe kit, a leaf-printed clay amulet kit and more! Green Kid Crafts' award-winning Discovery Boxes pack a lot of fun and learning into affordable and convenient packages. Each box contains up to 8 STEAM science and craft kits, extension activities, and free online extras. Projects are designed for ages 3-10. Offers expire April 24, 2015. 
Official Site - Science and Craft Kits Delivered Monthly!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Plastic Canvas Projects Creating Plastic Canvas Towel Toppers and Holders

Plastic Canvas Towel Toppers
Most of the time I crochet my towel toppers by either crocheting around the top of the towel or making a separate towel topper. What I love about the plastic canvas towel topper projects is how easy they are to match with any kitchen or towel that you choose. Plus you can make these in order to hang different towels on any one topper so easy to mix and match.  The basic pattern is cutting out the shape, choosing your pattern and yarn and adding some lace and buttons.
So easy and fun to make for all of the seasons throughout the year!
These cute towel toppers are really handy in the kitchen! All are made using 7-count plastic canvas. Instructions are included for attaching a purchased towel. Tab is made to button for easy hanging. Each topper measures approximately 7 1/8" across x 5 3/4".

Make a Picnic Quilt Using This Free Summer Picnic Quilt Pattern

Free picnic Quilt Pattern Make a picnic quilt free summer quilting pattern
A summer picnic isn't complete without the perfect blanket to take along and 
stretch out on. Using a few different colored fabrics make this 70" x 70" quilt for outdoor use or to snuggle up in next to the camp fire.  Perfect for camping, outdoor use or a summer quilt.   Choose summer fabric colors in a few different colors in order to complete the perfect quilt.  A Free pattern to make a quilt for outdoor use.
Download Pattern

More Quilt Ideas

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Eleven Colors Blend in the Free Hue Shift Crochet Afghan Pattern

Hue Shift Crochet Afghan - a Free Crochet Pattern
Hue Shift Crochet Afghan - a Free Crochet Pattern
What I like about this free crochet afghan pattern is how well the colors blend together to give an even ship from one color to the next. The pattern is a spin off of a knitted Hue Shift Afghan .  The afghan is crocheted in four pieces and then seamed together to make one. The directions make this afghan easy enough to follow for the experienced crocheter.
 Each of the four pieces begins at one corner, and mitered squares are crocheted directly onto the existing work.

Made with simple single crochet mitered squares and finished off with a darker border, the Hue Shift Afghan is a deceptively simple pattern that explores color in a new and creative way!

Download the FREE Crochet Hue Shift Afghan Pattern
Download Pattern

Crochet southwest afghan patterns
Crochet Southwest Afghan Patterns

Eleven Colors Blend in the Free Hue Shift Crochet Afghan Pattern

Friday, March 25, 2016

Free Knitting Pattern for a Melodica Coin Purse

Melodica Coin Purse - Free Knitting Patern

Knit a cute little coin purse to hold your change or miscellaneous items in. This adorable free knitting pattern is creative and fun to knit!  Storing your treasures in a creative way by knitting a coin purse can that you can make for gifts for an adult or child.  
Store your coins and tiny treasures securely within this pretty little lined coin purse. Dainty floral motifs add just the right amount of sweetness and give you a chance to brush up on your colorwork skills.

The outer purse and the lining are knit separately from the top down and completed with Kitchener stitch on the bottoms. After blocking, they are sewn together, then sewn to the purse frame .

Download Pattern

Pixie Purses - Knitting Patterns
Starflower Dishcloth - Free Knitting Pattern
Free Eyeballs Knitting Pattern download

Wool Yarn from Knit Picks
The Envelope, Please! 10 Pillows to Knit

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shades of Blue, Green and Purple Crochet Afghan Patterns

 I fell in love with this latest afghan that I crocheted.  The colors were so pretty I just kept adding them in randomly as I crocheted along.  
Here are the Yarn colors I used for this afghan
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Ocean and a few other colors...

These were the main colors there maybe misc. Teals and Greens in there
I Also used

I didn't write out the pattern but here are the basics
Chain about 187 across
Turn and SC across for the next row, ch1 to turn
SC and DC in each chain across (1 SC and 1 DC in each chain) ch 1 to turn
1 SC and 1 DC in each space in between your stitches, Ch 1 to turn
Continue with the above until your have your afghan complete and finish off.

Baby Blues Blanket - Crochet afghan pattern

Aspen Ridge Afghan - Crochet Pattern


Cozy Houndstooth Afghan - Crochet Pattern

Shell Stitch Snuggle Blanket - Crochet Pattern

Salt Water Taffy Crochet Afghan Pattern

Free Easy Summer Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Crochet a Summer Dishcloth
These two different dishcloths remind us of summer because of the light color used and the textures. When crocheting a spring or summer dishcloth be sure to select lighter summer colors such as whites, yellow, pinks, light blue, greens and colors of flowers and garden colors.
For these two dishcloths we used

HDC Dishcloth
The first crochet dishcloth is a simple HDC pattern.  
Measures Approximately 8x8
Foundation Row:  Chain 22 stitch turn
Row 1:  HDC across, ch 1 Turn
Continue HDC with ch 1 until you complete the size of the dishcloth you desire.

Pretty Easy Stitch Dishcloth
The second pattern is made using a sc and dc stitch
Measures Approx. 8 x 8
Foundation Row:  Chain 22 across and turn
Row 1:  SC across, Ch 1 turn
Row 2:  SC and DC in same chain 1 stitch across, ch 1 turn
Row 3:  SC and DC in each skipped stitch (hole) across, ch 1 to turn.
Continue crochet with row 3 until you complete your dishcloth.
Finish off and add a border is desired.

Super Simple Dishcloths Crochet Pattern

Dandy Dishcloths Crochet ePattern

Sunny Dishcloths ePattern

Rosy Dishcloth Set Crochet ePattern

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