Free Easy Summer Crochet Dishcloth Patterns


These two different dishcloths remind us of summer because of the light color used and the textures. When crocheting a spring or summer dishcloth be sure to select lighter summer colors such as whites, yellow, pinks, light blue, greens and colors of flowers and garden colors.
For these two dishcloths we used
HDC Dishcloth
The first crochet dishcloth is a simple HDC pattern.  
Measures Approximately 8×8
Foundation Row:  Chain 22 stitch turn
Row 1:  HDC across, ch 1 Turn
Continue HDC with ch 1 until you complete the size of the dishcloth you desire.
Pretty Easy Stitch Dishcloth
The second pattern is made using a sc and dc stitch
Measures Approx. 8 x 8
Foundation Row:  Chain 22 across and turn
Row 1:  SC across, Ch 1 turn
Row 2:  SC and DC in same chain 1 stitch across, ch 1 turn
Row 3:  SC and DC in each skipped stitch (hole) across, ch 1 to turn.
Continue crochet with row 3 until you complete your dishcloth.
Finish off and add a border is desired.




Warm Graphic Dishcloths (Crochet)
Warm Graphic Dishcloths (Crochet)

Fiesta Dishcloths Free Crochet pattern
Fiesta Dishcloths Free Crochet pattern

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