Our Best Tips for Crocheting with Black Yarn

Tips for Crocheting with Black Yarn

Crochet with Black Yarn

If you have ever crocheted with black yarn you may have noticed that it can be a little difficult to work with. Here are a few of my best tips for working with black yarn.

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Do you sometimes avoid working with black yarn because it can be difficult to see? While I have to admit working with dark or black yarn is not always enjoyable. I do like an elegant scarf, cardigan, or shawl made in a darker color. Find a favorite soft yarn that doesn’t split and holds it shape well.

Red Heart Soft Yarn

100% Acrylic, Care: Machine Wash and Dry

Perfect for blankets and other items that require a soft yarn.

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Tip Number 1 – Use a White Surface to Crochet on

Sit at a white surface when crocheting with black yarn. This could be a table, poster board, towel, pillow, or anything that will help you with your stitches. You will be able to see your project with the white background to some degree. It does help it quite a bit to stand out.

Tip Number 2 – Use a Bright Light to Show Your Stitches Better

Glocusent LED Neck Reading (crochet) Light

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A great light and bright enough for shining light on your crochet project!

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One of my favorite things for crocheting with black yarn with the white surface underneath is using an LED light around my neck. There are many different types of lights that you can wear when crocheting. Just make sure that you choose one with a super bright light or even a lamp that sits next to you will help.

Glocusent 5W Multi-Purpose Clip On Light

Tip Number 3 – Keep the Stitches Simple

When looking for patterns try to find easy patterns compared to more complex ones. The easier the stitch for the crochet pattern, the easier it is to crochet.

Tip Number 3 – Use Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers to Crochet with

Stitch Markers placed every few rows (about 5 rows) to help stay on track. In any color when you make a mistake is difficult to go back but especially when using black yarn.

Do yourself a favor and use stitch markers. You can even make your own stitch markers.

Tip Number 4 – Wear a Good Pair of Reading Glasses

If you wear reading glasses or computer glasses make sure to wear them when you crochet. Especially with black yarn. You can also use a hands-free magnifying glass for your work.

Tip Number 5 – Use Light Up Crochet Hooks

Lighted Crochet Hooks
Lighted Crochet Hooks

from: Annie’s

While not everyone is a fan of light up crochet hooks, they can be helpful if you are trying to light up your yarn. Just go slow and find a good set of hooks to see how these will work with your yarn. Start with one hook and move on to a set once you establish if you like using them.

Tip Number 6 – Start Slowly and Establish a Pattern

Start slowly and take your time when you start working with a new pattern. Trying to find a missed stitch, especially with dark colored yarn is a pain. Go slow when you first start you will be thankful that you did.

Tip Number 7 – Count Your Stitches as You Go

This goes for any yarn including black yarn, counting your stitches at the end of the row is important! You don’t have to count for every single row but do this for every few rows. Especially if you are working with dark yarn. When working with dark colored yarn, counting your stitches more often can make the difference on whether you finish your project or not.

Tip Number 8 – Make Sure to Choose the Right Yarn

As with anything from choosing your project, to choosing the right crochet hook and light, choosing the right type of black yarn for your project can also make a big difference in how you work comes out. Some yarns may split or not be thick enough for your project. Be sure to see what the weight is of the yarn, and get enough to finish your project.

What Can You Crochet with Black Yarn?

You can crochet a lot of projects with black yarn. Crochet patterns using black yarn makes for elegant looking blankets, hats, and scarves. There are so many shades of black that we can create patterns with, and they all look great!

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