The Best Dollar Tree Easter Baskets to Create Perfect Inexpensive Gifts

The Best Dollar Tree Easter Baskets to Create Perfect Inexpensive Gifts

 Easter Basket Ideas to Make using Dollar Store Baskets

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Remember as a kid when you and your brother and sister would get the same Easter basket? Now you can get creative and make your own unique baskets for all of the kids with fun baskets and buckets found at the Dollar Tree.

It’s easy to create a unique and one-of-a-kind Easter baskets for the kids. Whether they love baseball, basketball, princess themes, monsters or just the traditional Easter bunnies, chicks or pastel colors.  You can find all of these types of Easter baskets and more at your local Dollar Tree Store and Dollar Tree online!
The buckets are fun to fill with plastic Easter eggs, toys, craft items, decorations, coloring supplies, books, candy, and other items all for $1 …

Printed Panel Plastic Easter Baskets

Once You have selected your basket you can find all sorts of candy, toys, basket stuffers and Easter decorations to fill these baskets with and decorate your home. The great thing about this is that you create a basket or bucket for each kid according to what they like and enjoy.  Create a sports theme, craft theme, car theme, doll theme, princess theme, coloring theme, reading theme or any theme of your choice Easter basket with everything from the Dollar Tree.

Easter Candy and Decorations
Easter Candy and Decorations

Fill a basket with plastic Easter eggs and fill the eggs with a treat or toy inside of it. Use your imagination and add a few stuffed animals along with some candy in a bucket or basket. Get creative and check out the Easter Craft supplies to decorate your home for the kids and family. 

If the kids love crafts add a few coloring books, crayons, and other craft supplies found at the dollar store.

Open up a bag of candy that you purchased and add it to some plastic Easter Eggs to hide in the house or around the yard for the kids to keep them entertained. 

You can easily find so many basket stuffers online and in the store like the Easter Bunny Sponge Ball Shooter or the two-tone foam football.   Plus, there are bubbles, Easter Mason Jars, Easter bunny glasses, fuzzy friends unicorns, stuffed bunnies, games stickers and more…
One of the best ways to create an inexpensive Easter basket for the kids this year can be found at Dollar Tree or Dollar Tree online (and pick up the items at your local store for free shipping)

Create your own Easter basket with these fun baskets and buckets found online and at your local store.
The buckets and baskets are great to use at the beach, in the yard or in the house to store small toys in!

In addition you can find decorations, craft items, toys, basket stuffers, candy and more for yourself and guests, co-workers, and friends to create one-of-a-kind gift Easter baskets to give out and share with everyone!

Fill up some of these buckets or baskets. Order them online and pick up at your local store…
Here’s are some fun baskets and buckets that you can explore and get creative with from the Dollar Tree…

Easter Eggs with Silly Faces

Plastic Printed Easter Pails, 7.25 in.

Square Paper Printed Easter Pails with Handles

Plastic Pastel Pails with Handles
Printed Panel Plastic Easter Baskets

Pastel Woven Bamboo Easter Baskets

Easter Bunny-Shaped Baskets

Sports Themed Easter Pails

Bright Round Woven Plastic Easter Baskets

Monster Face Plastic Pails with Handles

Easter Paper Gift Boxes

Plastic Princess Crown Pails with Handles

Oval Plastic Baskets with Ribbons

Big-Nosed Plush Bunnies in Pastel Colors, 6 in.

Carrot-Shaped Felt Baskets

The Best Dollar Tree Easter Baskets to Create Perfect Inexpensive Gifts

Easter Basket Gifts Ideas 

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