How to Sew Round Fabric Baskets and Get Organized

How to Sew Round Fabric Baskets and Get Organized

Round Fabric Baskets Sewing Pattern

Create these fabric baskets by using the beginner friendly sewing pattern for 20 different sizes of baskets ranging from sizes 4×4 to 10×12. Baskets are a great way to store items from small to large things in your home. Choose the size that’s right for organizing your items and select the perfect fabric to match your decor!

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You can’t go wrong by making any one of these 20 baskets with the unique fabric basket sewing pattern found here. Fun and quick and easy enough for a beginner to sew! There are four bottom size options and 20 different size baskets to create from this one sewing pattern!

These baskets are so useful for holding all kinds of little things on your sewing table, cutting table, or anywhere! You can even use them for plants, paper, or to hold a gift that you are giving to someone!

Description of Baskets

How to Sew Round Fabric Baskets and Get Organized

Round Fabric Baskets

These beginner-friendly Round Fabric Baskets are a fun, quick sew. There are four bottom size options and five height options giving you twenty different size baskets to create from this one sewing pattern! You can also choose to fold the top down, to show off a fun fabric lining. They make a great addition to a sewing or craft room, in the kitchen as a bread or pastry basket, and they even make great hostess gifts!

Instant download digital sewing pattern. Includes 20 different sizes from 4×4 to 10×12.

Sewing Pattern Options


• Four base sizes
• Five height sizes
• Fold down the top to show off the lining

• Suitable for beginners
• Great for organizing or gifting
• Empty baskets can stack inside each other
• 20 different sizes included
• Packed with pro tips and expert advice
• Includes full size, print-at-home pattern pieces
• Includes step-by-step tutorial with photos
• Instant-download digital sewing pattern

Fabric Suggestions

Fabric – You will need a woven or non-stretch fabric. Cotton, quilting cotton, flannel, denim, cotton lawn, canvas or upholstery fabric will work. For a more stable basket, we recommend at least one heavy-weight fabric.

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You will also need:

The best thing about this pattern is how customizable it is. With different diameter bases and each base having a variety of heights you can make the basket that’s just right for what you need for. It’s also super quick to make!

Organizing with Storage Baskets

Storage baskets can be used for many items such as toys, keys, fabric, yarn, crafts, books, clothing, bathroom accessories and more! You can make the perfect size for what you need a basket for. I use baskets in my bathroom, kitchen, and for my crafts!

When making a basket be sure to select the right size that you will need for your project. Maybe start out with a smaller basket to and move on to a larger one as you see fit. Whatever size you choose a basket will be a perfect addition for storage in your home!

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