Easy Pretty Flower and Leaf Crochet Patterns

Pretty Flower and Leaf Crochet Patterns to Embellish Lots of Fun Projects

14 Unique Flower and Leaf Crochet Patterns
14 Unique Flower and Leaf Patterns to Crochet
Crochet flowers are easy to make and can be used for all sorts of different projects from home decor to hair accessories. The beautiful patterns found in Quick to Crochet with Flowers can help you create these idea and show you how fun and easy it is to crochet them!
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Crochet wall hangings, floral accessories, floral wreaths, garland and more all using worsted weight yarn.
Flowers are fun to crochet, as well as quick and easy. We’ve included five wall hangings and nine fashionable accessories. Many more flowers and leaves can be made to decorate and embellish lots of fun projects. Each project has Easy skill level techniques and uses medium weight yarn. Designs include five flowers, five leaves, Antler Wall Hanging, Wreath, Garland, Burlap & Flowers, Dream Catcher, three Barrettes, Floral Cowl, Daisy Purse, Drawstring Purse, and three Headbands.

Leisure Arts Quick Crochet With Flowers Book
Pretty Flower and Leaf Crochet Patterns to Embellish Lots of Fun Projects

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How to Crochet Flowers

Materials needed:
Crochet hook (appropriate size for your chosen yarn)
Yarn (in any color of your choice)
Yarn needle
Make a slip knot: Start by making a slip knot with your yarn. Leave a long tail (around 6 inches) for weaving in later.
Chain stitches: Create a foundation chain by making a series of chain stitches. The number of chains will determine the size of your flower. Generally, 12-15 chains work well for a small flower.
Slip stitch: Insert the hook into the first chain stitch and make a slip stitch to form a ring.
Petals: Work the first petal by chaining 3 (this counts as the first double crochet) and then make 2 double crochet stitches into the center of the ring. Chain 3, and make 3 double crochet stitches into the center of the ring. Repeat the pattern between the asterisks * for a total of 4 or 5 petals, depending on the desired fullness of your flower.
Joining: Slip stitch into the top of the beginning chain 3 to join the round.
Fasten off: Cut the yarn, leaving a tail of a few inches. Pull the tail through the loop on the hook and gently pull to secure the last stitch.
Finishing: Weave in the starting and ending yarn tails using a yarn needle to hide them in the back of the flower.
Optional embellishments: You can add extra flair to your crochet flower by attaching a button or sewing on beads at the center of the flower. You can also experiment with different yarn colors or stitch combinations to create unique variations.
Repeat: Feel free to make more flowers using different yarn colors and sizes. You can create a bunch of flowers and use them for various craft projects like embellishing hats, scarves, bags, or even making a floral garland.

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