How to Crochet Comfy Plaid Blankets and Afghan Patterns

Crochet Plaid Blankets and Afghan Patterns

Crochet Plaid Afghan and Blanket Patterns
A crocheted plaid blanket can be woven or crocheted as one piece depending on the pattern. There are color changed when making a plaid afghan and you will need to know how to chain stitch and double crochet. There are many different styles to choose from when crocheting a plaid afghan take a look at the different patterns below and choose which one is best for your skill level and crochet needs.
You will need
At Least Two to five different Colors of worsted weight yarn.
A Crochet Hook in the Correct Size needed for the pattern you are working on.
Plus the perfect Crochet Pattern!
This throw is perfect for relaxing outdoors but, of course, is equally nice for a dorm room or for a man to use. You work the horizontal stripes while crocheting the throw. Then chains are made and woven vertically through the chain spaces.
Celebration Plaid Afghan Crochet Pattern
This unique afghan uses a special date to create the plaid design. The afghan can be made as is, or learn how to customize your own date by reading the tutorial article in the instructions. Each number in the date represents a color and the number of rows for each color. A Mesh Base is stitched, then you weave in long strands of yarn through each mesh square. A fun and interesting way of color design. Size: 52″W x 60″L including fringe. Design was originally published in Crochet World February 2018 Download it Here.
ePattern Comfy Plaids Blanket to Crochet

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