Learn How to Turn Your Crochet Slippers into Street Shoes

 Learn How to Crochet a Pair of Slippers that you can wear outside Crochet a pair of outdoor slippers
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I don’t know about you but I wear slippers inside my home and would love to have a comfortable pair to wear when I go out the patio door in the summertime to sit on the swing or look at my garden flowers and relax.  The easy to crochet pair of slippers is just what I need to slip on before stepping outdoors to get the mail, take the dog out or just make a quick trip to pick up a cup of coffee in the drive through lane. 

What I like about this pattern is that you don’t have to punch a bunch of holes through the sole in order to crochet around the slipper like you do with other patterns. The slippers will be joined at the soles, or you can continue to crochet a shoe in rounds around the sole of the shoe. Note you will need a craft sealant or glue in order to create the sole. 
The crochet sole slipper pattern comes with an easy to follow tutorial, lots of photos to crochet them, and how to customize the size and shape of the shoe in order to have them fit anyone from baby to an adult. 
This pattern is an electronic download.  You can also get the pattern just for the slippers.
Learn to Make Crochet Soles Pattern
Stitch a tailored crochet tray sole for your basic slippers!
Learn to Make Cord Soles Crochet Pattern
 Crochet a pair of spring flower slippers
The pattern is created with the crocheted knit-stitch – 
 Learn to Make Door-Mat Soles tutorial pattern is sold separately, or you can purchase crochet pattern #RAC2031 Spring Flower Slippers With Door-Mat Soles for both patterns.
Pearl Slippers Crochet Pattern
Turn Slippers into Street Shoes!

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