Learn How to Make an Easy Dollar Store Christmas Wreath Free Craft Project

 Dollar Store Christmas Crafts easy to make Christmas Wreath
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Dollar Tree Crafts
Free Christmas Wreath Project
(Scroll down for a few extra Christmas Craft ideas using Dollar store items)
The Christmas wreath is so easy to make with just a few items from the Dollar Tree store and your imagination you can create several of these in no time!  
Dollar Tree has so many wonderful items to use to decorate your house for Christmas.  Plus, if you can’t find it in your store you can easily order online and have it shipped to your home or to your local store for pick up!  
The Christmas wreath is made using only a few items.  You can make it using glue or if you prefer use a few stick pins to hold your items in place.  I used the pin method to make it less messy and I was able to take the item apart as I was making the wreath to fix anything. 
What you need in order to make the wreath are just a few item. The idea for the wreath started when I picked up the Crafter’s Square Christmas Decorative Mesh Tubes in 3 different colors. There are so many things that you can make using these tubes. They work well for Christmas tree garland also. 
Materials Needed to Make the Wreath
 Green Foam Floral Wreath
 Mesh Ribbon
 Crafter's Square Christmas Decorative Mesh Tube
 Christmas Bell Ornament
Christmas Wreath Tutorial – How to Make the Christmas Wreath
Step One
Pick up the green foam wreath and your Christmas ribbon and pin or glue the edge to the wreath and begin to wrap it around the wreath, pinning or (glue) as your wrap to keep it even.
Continue to wrap around the wreath until you get to the end and finish off by attaching the ribbon securely to the wreath so it does not unravel.


Step Two
Using the Crafter’s Square Christmas Decorative Mesh Tubes without cutting it beforehand. Begin to wrap the mesh tube around the ribbon on the wreath with even spacing and pinning or glue it as your go.  Be sure to adjust the tube in order for it to look like it is spaced evenly.


Attach an ornament of your choice or Christmas Bells to the center of the wreath. Hang so that it is evenly spaced and fits properly in the middle of the wreath. Add a hanger or use the mesh tube to create a hanger to use to hang the wreath on a door or a wall.



Here are a couple of more ideas for Christmas Crafts that you can make using dollar store items.  Use the mesh tube and a Floral Foam Craft Cone to make a Christmas tree.  Add a few stickers to it for ornaments.

Bulk Floral Foam Craft Cones

Another Idea is to use the Christmas House Mini Plastic Pine Cones in a glass container with an LED light for a centerpiece. 


Just a few of the items purchased at the Dollar Tree Store used in order to create all of the wonderful Christmas Crafts that you can make from the Dollar Tree store. Be sure to check them out online to find items that may not be available in stores. 

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