Learn about Creative Doodling and How to Doodle for Fun and Relaxtation

Here is a way to think outside the box of the world of coloring and create your own doodles and drawings.  Play with designs and expand your visual vocabulary while being creative. The great thing about doodling is that anyone can do it nearly anywhere and it’s a great stress reliever and way to stay busy. You can doodle while you are talking on the phone, in a meeting or in the margins of a notebook.  Plus you can take your doodling to the next level by building doodle designs which you can color or share with others to color in (even make your own doodle coloring book).
If you get stuck for ideas there are many ways to explore your creativity and take your doodling motifs to the next level. Plus you can doodle with pens, pencils, in black in white or make color doodles.
Doodles can be done different types of paper, in a sketchbook, on colored papers or whatever method you choose.
Create patterns while you doodle or draw animals, butterflies, circles or whatever you choose.
You can take the class on Creative Doodling and learn everything from the basic techniques on how to doodle, exploring pens and lettering, what to do when you get stuck for an idea, working with different types of paper and filing in with line and color work.
Doodling is a great way to relax and be inspired. If you are looking for something to help keep your mind off of things or a creative outlet doodling may be the right source.



Get Into The Habit Of Making: Draw Inspiration From The Every Day.

Get off your computer and play! Drawing the Everyday Every Day is your guide to exploring your creativity and integrating a drawing habit into your daily routine.

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