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Custom Name Labels for Kids

Kids Personalized Labels that are Dishwasher and Laundry Safe

Having kids in your life means that no matter what you do they will lose things at school, daycare, at friends house, camp, playing sports, or even just going to grandma and grandpa’s house. There’s a solution to this problem and it’s easy to solve with a personalized name labels that adhere to all your stuff.

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Instead of spending money replacing those items Name Bubbles has a better solution to the problem. #WelcomeNameBubbles Custom name labels for kids. Name Bubbles are award-winning personalized kids labels that go through the dishwasher and laundry, and are made to last at daycare, camp, sports and school.

Labels that Last

Labels can be designed with different font, color, and shape options.  From Clothing labels to everyday labels for containers, baby bottles, medical labels, school and more! The great thing about these labels is that they are waterproof and meant to last.

There are also Family Label packs available. These Family Label Packs are made for even the youngest and most senior members of the family.

Personalized Custom School Labels

Personalized School Labels
Personalized School Labels

Avoid the lost-and-found with Name Bubbles Personalized School Labels Packs. These back-to-school label packs are full of dishwasher-safe & laundry-safe kids’ name labels designed to cover all the basics and the non-basics such as clothing, backpacks, lunch boxes, and more – you name it!

Clothing Labels for Kids

Name Labels for Clothing
Name Labels for Clothing

Peel, stick, and watch the name labels for clothing last in the washer and dryer. Made with premium material, the kids’ clothing name tags won’t fade or peel off, so your child’s clothing will return home at the end of each day!

Everyday Customized Name Stickers

Everyday Customized Name Stickers
Everyday Customized Name Stickers

Everyday Customized Name Stickers are washable, waterproof, and personalized — perfect for everyday organization. You’ll love these custom name labels for organizing and labeling all of your child’s possessions.

Personalized Name Labels
Personalized Name Labels

With many color choices and styles to choose from, they now offer you the ability to create your own dishwasher and laundry-safe personalized name labels with hundreds of different icons, styles, and fonts!

Search the Name Bubbles site for even more sticker fun including personalized stickers, custom photo stickers, personalized name labels for adults, nursing homes, wall decals and more!

Labels to Last Value Packs
Clothing Labels for Nursing Homes
Adult Name Label Packs
Custom School Labels Pack
Custom Daycare Labels
Share memories with Custom Stickers and Wall Decals.
Custom Camp Labels

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